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Power Rangers Battle Beasts Season 1, Episode 3: Quicker Than The Eye

Hey guys. Sorry for the long wait. Now, let´s get going and continue the story of our heroes in Episode 3 of Power Rangers Battle Beasts, Quicker than the Eye.

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After a quick recap of last time...

Amy: Last time on Power Rangers Battle Beasts...

We end up seeing our heroes trying to find the remaining Cube. Sadie assumes her Avatar form to swim in the lake. She walks out of the water, all drenched, without any success.

Sadie: Where the hell is that thing?!

We then cut to a junkyard as we see Leon and Trevor looking through scrap trying to find it, but no success as well.

Leon: Man, this could take days! God, this is a pain in the ass.
Trevor: Don´t sit around and whine! We´ll find it!
Leon: Speaking of pain in the assess....
Trevor: Look, do you realize that we can get back to our normal lives if we find the other cube?!
Leon: Okay, Okay, I get it! But first, can we take a break?
Trevor: NO!
Leon: But I´m starving!

Trevor then gives in to his whining.

Trevor: Okay, fine! Let´s go then!

Trevor drags Leon across the ground by pulling on his vest. Trevor opens up his Morpher and presses the number 5, calling Amy. The latter ends up receiving the call.

Amy: Hello?
Trevor: Has Aaron got the apartment yet?
Amy: I don´t know.

Aaron then walks outside of the office, in frustration.

Amy: Wait, he´s coming out now. I´ll call later.

Amy walks up to him.

Amy: So, did we get it?
Aaron: No! They accidentally rented it to a family of five. I can´t believe this!
Amy: So, what are we going to do now?
Aaron: Let´s pick up the others.

Aaron and Amy get into the truck and drive off. Theme song then plays.

We then see the truck again as it arrives. Offscreen, Aaron and Amy have picked up the others. The truck then parks next to a sidewalk.

Trevor: Why did we stop?
Aaron: Because I don´t know what to do. These other apartments in this catalog are so pricey!
Sadie: Maybe we can go back to looking for the cube.
Leon: Screw that, maybe we can go get some lunch.
Aaron: Fine with me.

Aaron tries to start the car, but it doesn´t.

Amy: Why aren´t we moving?
Aaron: *sighs* We ran out of gas.
Sadie: Great, now what?

Then, a familiar man wearing jeans, an unbuttoned plaid T-Shirt, and a Chrono Morpher on his wrist walks up to them.

EZ Rider: You guys okay?
Aaron: Oh yeah, other than the fact that we ran out of gas--
Leon : AND I´M STARVING---!!

Amy pushes Leo´s head back into the seat.

EZ Rider: Well, maybe you can come in here with me. Come on.

The five then exit his truck, and walks into EZ´s apartment.

Sadie: Well, this place is homy.
EZ: Well, just sit your stuff over there and---

EZ is then possessed and changes his clothes to red, where his hairs turns spiky and red, holding a katana.

Trevor: Um, sir? How did you change clothes so fast?
Sadie: More importantly, why are you holding a katana?!
Rager: *GROWLS*

Leon then walks up to the mad swordsman.

Leon: Come on, guys, it´s so obvious that is a fake sword.

Leon then slides his fingers across the blade, causing them to bleed.

Leon: OW!

He then tastes his fingers.

Leon: Well, that´s real blood, meaning that´s a real sword.

He then laughs where it transitions into whimper of fear. The Imagin then walks closer to the gang, but is then possessed again, where his appearance changes. His clothes change to blue and his hair turns to curvy and blue, wearing glasses.

Suave: Sempai, you must be more gentler with your comra---

The Imagin is then distracted by the appearances of Sadie and Amy, pulling them from the group and placings his arms around their shoulders.

Suave: Hello, ladies!
Sadie: What the hell is going on?!
Suave: Oh, don´t be alarmed. I just need to ask this. Mind if I reel you in?
Amy: Okay, now I am feeling very uncomfortable.

The girls remove his arms from their shoulders and move back to the guys.

Suave: Ladies, its not what you---
EZ (Monologue): Okay, you two. Get the hell out now!

The two Imagins are then forced out of his body, hitting the walls.

EZ: Sorry about that.
Leon: What the hell just happened here?
EZ: It's a long story, but to put in a short-term, these guys are Imagins.
Amy: Imagins?
EZ: Yeah, sand demons from the future who form contracts with certain humans. Lucky me, I was able to get two. The red one is Rager--
Rager: What the hell are these f***ksh*ts doing here?!
EZ: And the other one is Suave.
Suave: Still on for tonight, ladies?
EZ: Cut it out! I´m sorry for their crude behavior.
Aaron: You know what, that is the explanation I need.
Leon: Yeah, do you have a Band-Aid?

As Leon goes to the kitchen to search for band-aids...

EZ: Sure there in the kitchen. Hey, I heard you guys were hungry. You can check in the fridge.
Trevor: Oh, thanks.

After getting the band-aids, Leon opens up the fridge and says a Sunny D reference...

Leon: Okay, we got soda, OJ, purple stuff.

Sadie hits him on the head as he laughs. They end up finding some chicken tenders and cook them in the oven. As they sit at the table, they begin to talk...

EZ: So, what were you guys doing before your truck broke down.
Aaron: We were trying to find another apartment to live in. I decided to move from my caretaker´s home.
EZ: Your caretaker?
Aaron: Yeah, he´s been caring for me ever parents...passed.
EZ: I´m sorry to hear that. I come from the same experience.
Sadie: What do you mean?

EZ then gets a flashback of the fire his parents died in.

EZ: It´s nothing important. Anyways, when did you guys meet?
Leon: About two days ago. We needed someplace to stay, so Aaron decided to help us.
Trevor: But we didn´t count on him moving, so we just decided to move with him.
Amy: So, EZ, what do you do for a living?
EZ: Oh, I host a internet-reviewing show where I review kid shows from Japan, certainly known as tokusatsu.

The five then look at him strangely.

EZ: Anyways, tokusatsu is an action genre for certain shows and movies like, Godzilla, Ultraman, Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, and the latter's adaptation, Power Rangers.
Leon: That's kind of cool, because were Po--

Sadie puts her hand on his mouth to stop him from revealing their secret.

Sadie: We' of the Power Rangers. We really like what they do.
EZ: Oh, they´re ready.

EZ walks over to the oven. He brings the tenders to the table. Trevor ends up picking up a scent.

Trevor: Wait, these things smell familiar? They smell like chickens.
EZ: Well yeah, we make some of our food from animals. What are you a vegan?
Trevor: Now, I just...

He then whispers to Aaron.

Trevor: You didn´t tell us that you guys eat animals!
Aaron: Well, sorry!
EZ: Well?

Trevor then picks up a tender and proceeds to eat it. Once he does, he actually likes it.

Trevor: Hmmm...that´s pretty good.

Sadie and Leon pick one up too.

Sadie: I can´t resist the taste!
Leon: Screw chickens!
Aaron: Hey, save some for me!

The four of them continue to eat the tenders, except for Amy, who gets a little disturbed by their sloppiness.

Amy: Um, I'm gonna go to the mall. I'll be back later.
Leon, Sadie, Trevor, & EZ: See Ya!
Aaron: Hey, Amy, wait!

After wiping his mouth with his shirt, he follows Amy.

Aaron: Hey, what's wrong? Was it because we were eating animals?
Amy: Oh no, it's not that. I just got disgusted.
Aaron: Well hey, how about I walk to the mall with ya?
Amy: Sure.

We then cut to the mall where we see Aaron and Amy are on a shopping spree. We cut to Macy´s where she tries out some clothes.

Amy: So, what do you think?
Aaron: UHHHH?

Aaron says continuously as she continues on. Once she finds the perfect match (or should I say ¨BEST MATCH¨ for a Build reference), Aaron agrees by putting up a thumb or two. The two then eat not at the food court, but at a neat restaurant. Once the waitress serves them a cube-shaped cake...

Amy: Hey, Aaron, look. A cube-shaped cake!
Aaron: *Laughs* Speaking of which, why aren´t you interested at finding the cube?
Amy: What do you mean?
Aaron: Don´t you wanna rebuild your home again?
Amy: Well, yeah, but when I first came to Earth, I was...impressed by the buildings, and humans, and many entertaining stuff, but just because I don´t act like it, doesn´t mean I don´t want to. And besides, we don´t even have a lead.
Aaron: Huh?
Amy: I mean think about it. We don´t even have a lead on where the cube is. We shouldn´t just barge into it.
Aaron: And I thought Trevor was the smart one.

After said quote, Aaron begins to feel dizzy.

Aaron: Wait a sec, I´ll feel a bit dizzy.
Amy: Are you okay?

Aaron then looks beyond the balcony. He then begins to see very far away.

Amy: What´s wrong?
Aaron: Oh my god. I see everything.
Amy: Quit exaggerating. Maybe something was in those cakes.
Aaron: No really, I see everything. Not just buildings, but I see busy streets, people, cars, everything!
Amy: Of course, it must be your Avatar ability kicking in.
Aaron: What do you mean?
Amy: Since you have bonded with the cube, it has granted you an ability. In this case, since your an eagle, you have enhanced vision.
Aaron: Wow. Wait I see something.

Aaron then sees a playground and spots two little girls playing with a familiar shaped cube.

Aaron: The cube!
Amy: What?
Aaron: Come on!
Amy: Hey wait! What about paying?!

Aaron races back and leaves money on the table. He grabs some bags and runs out of their, with Amy to follow. We then cut to the monster of the week, Archeron, from Bloxor´s army. He begins to blast moving cars with his laserbow, causing some massive destruction.

Archeron: Ah, what a beautiful day. For destruction!

He then follows a car and blasts it.

Archeron: Oh hey. Don´t run away!

Cutting back to the apartment, we see that Leo is playing on EZ´s PlayStation, Trevor is trying to read a book, and Sadie ends up hearing the explosions.

Sadie: Hey guys. I hear trouble.
Leon: Let´s go then!
Trevor: Hey, EZ! We´ll be back! We´re gonna go join Aaron and Amy!
EZ: Okay!
Sadie: Good excuse. Remember we can´t let EZ find out.
Trevor and Leon: Right.

As they exit his house, we see that EZ was listening behind the walls.

EZ: Find out what? I bet there bounty hunters.

EZ then follows them. Archeron then continues to wreak havoc by shooting at more cars.

Archeron: One, two, and three! How about six?

He says as he shoots at the remaining cars. Once he lands...

Archeron: Like dust in the wind.

The three then arrive.

Leon: Hey, bighead!
Archeron: Huh, who are you guys?
Sadie: The people who are gonna shut you up!

They then morph.

All three: It's Morphin Time!

They shift their Morphers like rubix cubes to the red side and say...

All three: Spirit Unleash!
Archeron: Let's go, baby!

The three Rangers then fight him, after a couple of dodges...

Archeron: Wait a sec!

He says as he hops back.

Archeron: Let's see if you can dodge my laser arrows.

He then fires at them. They are unsuccessful at dodging because they are to fast.

Archeron: And again! Again!

He succeeds in weakening them.

Trevor: His arrows are too fast!
Archeron: Catch ya later!

The monster then hops off, with Leo following him.

Leon: Your not getting away that easily!

Leon jumps off the hill, but falls.

Leon: Oh, sh--!

He rolls off the hill. After stopping he demorphs.

Sadie: You okay?
Leon: Yeah. I'm fine. Mind if you help?
Sadie: Don't be lazy.
Leon: Where were Aaron and Amy?
Sadie: Crap, I forgot to call them.
Trevor: We'll call them later. We need to follow that guy.

We then go to the Zenix Arrowship.

Neuron: Bloxor, what is the meaning of this? I thought it was my turn next?
Bloxor: So what? You were taking too long.
Neuron: Strategies must be planned carefully. You just destroy stuff without thinking it straight. If your monster fails, it will be my turn next.
Bloxor: Which will be never, because I'm sure Archeron will rid of those pesky Rangers.
Neuron: I would differ.
Zarkron: Calm down, the both of you. Remember, we're fighting the Rangers, not each other. The more sane we are, the closer we'll reach our goal.
Naria: He is right, Neuron. We'll just keep trying until they all fall. Drink?
Neuron: Thank you.

We then cut back to Aaron and Amy as they got on a bus and arrives at the park. They see the two girls playing and walk up to them.

Aaron: Excuse me, but can we have that cube?
Little Girl: No.
Amy: But it's very important to us.
Little Girl: Fine then. Unless if you pay me.
Aaron: How about $10?
Little Girl: Make it $50.
Aaron: What? Uh, fine.

Aaron gives her the money and they depart with the cube. Back on the bus...

Aaron: Thank god! We got the last cube!
Amy: Wait a minute? Isn´t that cube smaller?

Aaron grabs out his Morpher and compares them together. Sadly, they are not the same size.

Aaron: Oh, crap.
Amy: Huh, bummer.
Aaron: Sorry for getting your hopes up.
Amy: It´s okay. When I was in Animalia, I ran a bakery with my mom.

She flashes back to said memory.

Amy: Ever since the Zenix Empire came and destroyed our world, I felt traumatized. Probably even more traumatized then the others. I was the humble one of the group. Why I am caring about other things is that I wanted to forget about that nightmare and blend in Earth.
Aaron: Now I know what you mean.

We then see Archeron has set his sights on the bus Aaron and Amy are in right now.

Archeron: A perfect target. Target locked.

He then shoots at a car behind the bus. The explosion ends up catching the attention of the passengers.

Bus Driver: What was that?!

Aaron and Amy look at the back window, seeing Archeron causing some mischief.

Amy: They sent another monster!

Aaron then races up to the front.

Aaron: Step on it! You have to get far away from that guy!
Bus Driver: Got it!
Archeron: Don´t think your getting away that easily!

He hops onto one car and blasts it and then hopping onto a bridge. The other Rangers arrive morphed.

Sadie: There he is!

They then break out the Beast Blasters.

Leon: We´re back!

They fire at him, but he dodges the blasts.

Archeron: You guys again? Haven´t you already learned?

He then hops onto the bus.

Amy: What was that?!

The two look at the back, seeing their comrades chasing the bus.

Leon: Hey, get back here!
Archeron: Don´t want to!

He says as he fires at them, again.

Archeron: For the last time, I hope, see ya!

Aaron climbs onto the rooftop, and then morphing.

Aaron: It´s Morphin Time! Spirit Unleash!

As he morphs, he jumps up and attacks him with his Eagle Strike Saber.

Archeron: Another one?! How many Rangers are there?
Aaron: My team or every other team?

He fights Archeron while the bus is moving. When the bus goes over a branch, Aaron falls off, but goes wild.

Aaron: Unleash the Beast!

Before Archeron shoots at Aaron, Amy shoots from beneath.

Amy: Try to hold still, will ya?
Aaron: Thanks.

Aaron then flies fast and knocks Archeron off the bus.

Aaron: Here´s your stop!
Amy: Later!

Amy then jumps off the bus and assumes Avatar form. Aaron lands on the ground and de-morphs.

Aaron: Hey, Amy, are you OK?
Amy: Yeah, I'm fine.

The others catch up with them.

Sadie: Hey guys!
Trevor: So, what have you two been up to?
Amy: Oh just nothing other than the fact we found another cube.
Leon: You guys found it?!
Aaron: Well, it's smaller than ours. We assumed it wasn't what we were looking for.

We see EZ has caught up to them as well, hiding behind a tree, snooping on them.

EZ: What are they talking about?
Archeron: So, you guys are together now?
EZ: What the hell is that thing?
Amy: Aaron!
Aaron: Right, let's go!

The five then grab out their Morphers.

EZ: What are they doing?
All Five: It's Morphin Time!

The shift the Morpher to the red side.

All Five: Spirit Unleash!

When they are morphed....

Aaron: Spirit of the Eagle! Power Ranger...Red!
Sadie: Spirit of the Shark! Power Ranger...Blue!
Leo: Spirit of the Lion! Power Ranger...Yellow!
Trevor: Spirit of the Elephant! Power Ranger...Green!
Amy: Spirit of the Tiger! Power Ranger...White!
Aaron: Spirits Unite as One! Power Rangers...
All Five: Battle Beasts!
Archeron: I don't care if there is five of you, I'm still taking you down!
Aaron: Well, I would beg to differ.
Amy: What he said!
Archeron: Zigglers!

He then summons the Zigglers. The Rangers proceed to fight them. After wiping all of them out, Archeron attacks them with his laser arrows. He continues to hop around and fire at them.

Archeron: You guys are too slow! Time for the final blow!

When Archeron fires at Aaron, his eagle vision sees the arrows and wipes them away with his Eagle Strike Saber.

Archeron: Impossible!
Leon: Whoa, how did you that?
Aaron: I don't know.
Amy: Of course, it's your eagle vision. Now your able to see the arrows.
Aaron: Of course.
Archeron: Oh, it was just a fluke!

Archeron fires at Aaron, but he counters.

Aaron: I bet that was just a fluke too!

As the three strike Archeron, Amy delivers the final blow.


It's power sends him flying to the lake and the others catch up. The grab out their Beast Blasters in Saber Mode and finish him off.

All Five: Battle Beast...Final Strike!
EZ: Dude, that was awesome!

In the Zenix Arrowship...

Zarkron: Well, another letdown.
Bloxor: Damn it! Naria, give him a continue!
Naria: Yes, Bloxor.

Zenix hands her a coin and she beams to Earth.

Naria: The master has given you another chance.

She kisses it.

Naria: Use it well.

Archeron then grows big.

EZ: Oh, crap!
All Five: Cube Zords, go!

They then get into their cockpits.

Archeron: Just because we've gotten even doesn't mean you'll win.

He then shoots at the mountatins, causing rocks to fall. The rocks then bury onto the Tiger and Elephant Zords.

Leon: Amy! Trevor!

They grab out their Morphers and combine their Zords, 

Aaron: Zords, Combine!

Together, they form the Battle King Megazord.

All Three: Battle King Megazord, Ready!
Leon: I bet you can't bury us now!
Archeron: Wanna bet?

They then clash until Archeron fires at them with his laser eyes, causing the Megazord to lean onto a mountain. The arrows end up burying the Megazord's legs with more rocks.

Leon: Next time, I should just keep my mouth shut so don't jinx anything!
Archeron: Here's what you get for your stupidity!

As Archeron aims his laser arrow at them, EZ on the ground watches.

EZ: Crap, I got to do something!

He uses his Sougan Blade and Ichigan Buster and combine them together to form the Ichigan Buster Special Buster Mode.

Special Buster: It's Time For Special Buster!

The energy blast fires at the rocks surrounding the other two Zords, releasing them and hitting Archeron.

Trevor: Hey, Aaron, wanna combine?
Amy: We'll get done a lot faster!
Sadie: You better do what they say!
Aaron: Got it! Disengaging!

He says as he removes his Morpher from the controller.

Aaron: Alright guys, let's do it!
Trevor and Amy: Right!

They then combine to form the Battle King Megazord Striker Mode.

Archeron: I don't care what form you have, I'll just bury you again!

Archeron shoots at the Megazord, but it uses it's speed to dodge the arrows.

Aaron: It's no good! All were just doing is causing more damage to the area!

He then grabs out the cube from earlier and it turns into a new Zord.

Amy: Wow! A new Zord!
Trevor: Aaron! Was that the cube you guys were talking about?
Aaron: I don't know how those girls found it, but I wonder what it can do. Let's try it out!

The new Zord then shines and flies off, enlarging into a Giraffe Zord.

Amy: Wow! A giraffe!
Archeron: So, you think your tough, eh? Well, I'll just blow you away like I did the others!

Archeron tries to blast it, but the new Zord dodges his arrows.

Aaron: Hey, Giraffe Zord! Why don't we work together!

The Giraffe Zord then transforms into a cannon and mounts itself onto the Megazord's arm.

All Three: Giraffe Cannon, ready!

As Archeron aims, they shift their Morphers to red and finish off Archeron.

All Three: Giraffe Cannon, Final Blast!
Archeron: Guess I was the one who was slow!

Archeron says in his final words. They then yell out in joy.

EZ: That was awesome! I better get back.

As the five walk home, they admire their new Zord.

Sadie: I wonder it got here on Earth.
Trevor: Maybe it got lost during the attack on Animalia. That's the only thing I can assume.
Sadie: What if there are others?
Leon: So what? We'll just find them and the more Zords we have, we'll be able to wipe the empire in no time.
Amy: Hey, Aaron. Thanks for spending the day with me. I really enjoyed exploring more about this world.
Aaron: No problem.
Amy: I've been also thinking about something else.
Trevor: What's that?
Amy: What was that blast that freed me and Trevor from the rubble?

They say as they walk up to EZ's apartment.

EZ: Hey guys. How was it?
Leon: It was good.
EZ: Well, of course, since you won.
Trevor: What do you mean?
EZ: I mean you did beat Archeron. I think you make a fine team of Power Rangers.

After hearing it, they are surprised in angst as they run up to the camera in surprise (Much like any other Sentai would do).

All Five: EH???!!!!!!


NEXT TIME ON POWER RANGERS BATTLE BEASTS: After finding out their identities, EZ decides to let the Rangers stay. When the Rangers go out at night to buy some quick groceries, Neuron´s latest monster, Aeris, attacks them. Leon and Sadie's lack of cooperation ends up getting them captured. They then wake up in a mysterious cave and they need to work together in order to be free. Will the two be able to put aside their differences and escape?

And that's the end of our episode. So, what did you think of it? Reply in the comments below. Next time, it's another Gravure Idol of the Week. Who is it, she's an idol who's feels cold, but it certainly gets hot when you look at her. I think you know what I mean. Until next time, Later.

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