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Top 10 Kamen Rider Villains

Hey guys. Whazzup! After my Ultraman Monsters countdown, I said that I was going to do another list, of the Top 10 Best Villains of Kamen Rider. So, let's dig in and see who are the greatest amongst the Rider fandom.


#10 - Dr. Shinigami aka Ikadevil (from Kamen Rider)
Here's a bad guy who's perfect to start off this list. I know that most of you are saying that I should put him on a higher spot on the list and I highly regret putting him at number 10, but he is a Showa Era, and the rest of the other villains of this list are from the Heisei Era, except for another which we'll get to later. Anyways, before joining Shocker, Dr. Shinigami was a famed scientist, who was under the name of Ivan Tawanovitch. His research was dedicated to finding a way to revive the dead. He met a monk who showed him the ways of doing said tasks, and recruited him to be a member of Shocker, and offered him the chance to revive his sister. Doing research on modifying humans, he himself goes under the operation and suddenly gains the ability to transform into Ikadevil.

After Colonel Zol is defeated by Kamen Rider Nigo, Dr. Shinigami takes his place of command. He sadly meets his end when he goes up against Kamen Rider Ichigo. He, Ambassador Hell, Colonel Zol, and General Black were revived in episodes 27 & 28 of Kamen Rider V3, but once again met their demise once the Destron base exploded. Despite being defeated, Dr. Shinigami was an intelligent and cunning villain that earned his spot on this list.


#9 - Masato Mishima aka Gryllus Worm (from Kamen Rider Kabuto)
Masato Mishima is the aide of the head of ZECT HQ, Riku Kagami. Masato Mishima was pretty arrogant and has a lack of taste. In one episode, he temporarily transformed into Kamen Rider TheBee, despite the fact that the TheBee Zecter rejected him. It was revealed that he had the Hyper Zecter with him all along, but sadly lost it to Renge, who gave it to Souji Tendo (aka Kamen Rider Kabuto). He later uses one of the Natives' pendants to transform into the Gryllus Worm, but is soon defeated by Kamen Rider Kabuto Hyper and Kamen Rider Gatack's Rider Kicks.


#8 - Ryoma Sengoku aka Kamen Rider Duke (from Kamen Rider Gaim)
Ryoma Sengoku is known as the creator of the Sengoku Driver and the Genesis Driver, which he uses himself, with the Lemon Energy Lockseed to transform into Kamen Rider Duke. He first met Takatora Kureshima (aka Kamen Rider Zangetsu) in the Zawame Child Care Facility, where they created the Sengoku Driver together. He is also the one who recruited Sid and Yoko Minato (aka Sigurd and Marika). He is an amoral person who experiments on most of the Armored Riders. He then betrays his friend when sided with Mitchy (aka Kamen Rider Ryugen), who wanted to prove his loyalty to the Yggdrasill Corporation. Yoko is usually his bodyguard, since she has excellent martial arts skills. He is also known for giving some of the Riders most of their gadgetry, like giving Kaito his Genesis Driver. As time grew, he then betrayed Yggdrasill himself and went on his own. He then encounters Kaito and Yoko, where he deactivates their Genesis Drivers, so Kaito fights Ryoma using his Sengoku Driver. Sadly, Duke beats him, but Kaito eats a Helheim Fruit and becomes an Inves, but not just any Inves, an Overlord Inves, Lord Baron. Ryoma then meets his fate when going up against the powerful being.


He is then revived as a cyborg in Movie War Full Throttle, as Mecha Ryoma Sengoku, where he uses the Dragonfruit Energy Lockseed to access Dragonfruit Energy Arms form. He fights Takatora throughout the remainder of the movie, but Takatora is able to beat him.


#7 - Kaito Kumon aka Kamen Rider Baron (from Kamen Rider Gaim)
Kaito Kumon starts off as the leader of Team Baron, where he later gets his own Sengoku Driver and the Banana Lockseed from Sid to transform into Kamen Rider Baron. Kaito was first seen as a character who wants to be the best, someone who wants power. He shares a really great rivalry with Kouta (aka Kamen Rider Gaim). Once he learned about the Overlords, he discarded his role as leader of Team Baron and gave the role to Zack, who would later become Kamen Rider Knuckle. Kaito is later given a Genesis Driver and a Lemon Energy Lockseed to become access Lemon Energy Arms. Yoko Minato (aka Kamen Rider Marika), ends up becoming his loyal servant, due to falling in love with him. 


Once up against Ryoma Sengoku, he then eats a Helheim Fruit and becomes an Overlord himself, Lord Baron. After killing Ryoma and when Yoko dies in his arms, he takes on Kouta in a final battle and takes him on, but meets his demise due to being stabbed by Kouta. He is later revived by Megahex in Movie War Full Throttle, but betrays him and helps Gaim, Zangetsu, Ryugen, and Drive fight his army. After that, he disappears, only to be revived along with Yoko in Kamen Sentai GoRider, where he assumes the guise of AkaRider in the final battle of said mini-series. Kaito had a good reputation as both an anti-hero and a villain, which earns him a spor on this list. Onto number 6!

#6 - Tenjuro Banno (from Kamen Rider Drive)
Tenjuro Bano is a manipulative and sinister being who created the Roidmudes, with the partnership of Krim Steinbelt. The first Roidmude he created, 002, was forced to copy the human form of Shinzo Hiroi, who rejected his research. Copying his form would make him think he would be getting revenge of Shinzo, but Krim didn't like this idea, so this ended both their friendship and relationship. When he was later killed by the first three Roidmudes, he uploaded his consciousness in a tablet that Brain keeps.

It is also revealed that he is Go Shijima (aka Kamen Rider Mach) and Kiriko Shijima (link for her gravure pics:'s birth father. This caused Go to go undercover and pretend he was under Freeze's control and rescue his father, but he manipulates our heroes and then later captures Krim, who was actually the Drive Belt at the time. He copies his design and uploads his consciousness into a copy of the belt, naming it the Banno Driver. He then attaches himself onto 006 and destroys his consciousness, using his body to transform into Kamen Rider Gold Drive.


In this form, he has the ability to copy any of the Riders' weapons. After killing off Chase (aka Kamen Rider Chaser) in his Mashin Chaser form, Chase self destructs and holds onto Banno, which brings despair to Go. Sadly, Banno survives the explosion and fights Gou, who uses Chase's Signal Bike to transform into Kamen Rider Chaser Mach. He uses this form and defeats Banno, where his body is destroyed and Gou uses Chase's Signal Axe to destroy his father.


#5 - Takeshi Asakura aka Kamen Rider Ohja (from Kamen Rider Ryuki)
Takeshi Asakura is a psychotic fugitive who escapes from prison, and is given an Advent Deck by Shiro Kanzaki and uses it to transform into Kamen Rider Ohja. At the age of 13, he murdered his entire family in a house fire, but his younger brother survived. When he meets his brother again, you think that Takeshi would turn good, but no, he commands his Contract Beast, Venosnaker, to eat up his own brother. He is a ruthless being who only cares for his goal, his hunger for violence. His lawyer is Shuichi Kitoaka (aka Kamen Rider Zolda). After killing Jun Shibaura (aka Kamen Rider Gai) and Miyuki Tezuka (aka Kamen Rider Raia), he then takes control of their Contract Beasts, Evildiver, and Metalgelas, and gains an Advent Card where he combines them into Genocider. At the end, he meets his end as he is gunned down by cops, as justice prevails. In the movie, Episode Final, he killed the sister of Miho Kirishima (aka Kamen Rider Femme), where she wants to take her revenge on him. In the movie's climax, when Ryuga makes his debut, his Contract Beast is defeated by Ryuga who Rider Kicks it. After his beast is destroyed, he is left powerless, giving Femme the ability to strike and destroy his Advent Deck, killing him in the Mirror World. Anyways, he returns in the V-Cinema, Kamen Rider Brave ~Let's Survive! Revival of the Beast Rider Squad~, where he is revived by King Dark, who was a puppet of Foundation X, where he lead the Beast Rider Squad. Assuming his Ouja guise, he fights off Hiiro Kagami (aka Kamen Rider Brave), but soon meets his end once again by the hands of Brave. All good reasons to put him on this list.

#4 - Shadow Moon (from Kamen Rider Black)
Shadow Moon, of course he was going to make this list. Shadow Moon's human alias is Nobuhiko Akizuki, who is the step-brother & best friend of Kotaro Minami (aka Kamen Rider Black), who was also captured by Gorgom and went under a cyborg procedure and was completely brainwashed unlike his brother. During his encounter with Black and seeing his human form, his human side started to reawaken. Shadow Moon scolds Kotaro saying that if he defeats him, he will also destroy his brother. Sadly, Shadow Moon meets his end in the destruction of the Gorgom HQ. He returns in Black RX, where he wants his revenge on Kotaro. He meets his demise once again and is defeated by Kotaro, where he reverts back to Nobuhiko, showing that he has reformed.

#3 - Shinkuro Isaka aka Weather Dopant (from Kamen Rider W)
Let's talk more about psychotic villains. Shinkuro Isaka was a doctor who encountered Ryubee Sonozaki (aka the Terror Dopant) terrorizing a group of people. Being intrigued by this, he wanted to steal the Terror Gaia Memory and use it for himself. He experiments on himself by using numerous Gaia Memories, until Shroud gives him the Weather Gaia Memory, which was capable of turning him into the Weather Dopant. Usually, most Memories warp people's minds, but he is unaffected due to being already psychotic. He tests his weather-like abilities by killing innocent people, including killing the parents of Ryu Terui (aka Kamen Rider Accel). He later then convinces Saeko Sonozaki (aka the Taboo Dopant), Ryubee's daughter, to turn against her father. At this time, he begins to display feelings for her, despite the fact that she was married. Accel finally avenges his parents by defeating him. After his demise, Shroud regrets giving Isaka the Weather Gaia Memory, not knowing how psychotic Isaka would become.


#2 - Masamune Dan aka Kamen Rider Chronos (from Kamen Rider Ex-Aid)
At number 2 is Masamune Dan, who is known as the first CEO of Genm Corp. He makes his first appearance in the series in prison, because he was framed for starting Zero Day by his son, Kuroto Dan (aka Kamen Rider Genm). After his sentence clears up, he regains his role as CEO of Genm Corp. and assumes the form of Kamen Rider Chronos, using the Bugvisor Zwei and Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat. Now a powerful Rider, he takes the Kamen Rider Chronicle game for himself, wanting it to spread throughout the entire world to make more cashola.

In this form, he has the ability to control time and is able to freeze it, where he is able to attack his enemies when they are still. When Emu (aka Kamen Rider Ex-Aid) ends up gaining his Muteki Gamer form, he is the only one who is immune to his attacks. After being defeated by Emu and Parado (aka Kamen Rider Para-DX), he then somehow gains the ability to reset time, able to prevent the Hyper Muteki Gashat from being created, but this is useless when Kuroto makes another one and the Riders gain the ability to save the game. Once Gamedeus is revealed, Emu uses the Doctor Mighty XX Gashat and defeats Gamedeus, not before Chronos absorbs Gamedeus into his body, becoming a godly-like being. Now fused with Gamedeus, Masamune can now transform into a Gamedeus-like form when he transforms into Chronos.

But this new-found power is defeated when Ex-Aid, Brave, and Snipe team up together, but he then assumes the form of Super Gamedeus, but is defeated by the Riders and when Poppy and Parado sacrifice themselves to stop Gamedeus' virus. Masamune then takes one final battle against the five Riders, and they luckily beat him. In his last words, to stop the Riders from saving the eliminated players, he injects himself with the Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat and disintegrates into data. Masamune Dan is a great Rider villain and was pretty close to the number 1 spot.



Dark Shinji aka Kamen Rider Ryuga (from Kamen Rider Ryuki: Episode Final)

Greeed (from Kamen Rider OOO)


Sora Takigawa aka Gremlin (from Kamen Rider Wizard)


Heart (from Kamen Rider Drive)

Night Rogue (from Kamen Rider Build)

And Number 1 is...


#1 - Kuroto Dan aka Kamen Rider Genm (from Kamen Rider Ex-Aid)
I'm sure this is no surprise to anyone. This guy was like a god of intellect, power, you name it. This guy can also be known as the guy who created the Bugster Virus, which caused Zero Day, and is the one responsible for giving Emu the Bugster Disease. Kuroto first starts out as a bit of a nice guy, but by Episode 11, his identity is revealed to be Kamen Rider Genm. Close to death, he absorbs his life energy into a new Gashat he created, the Dangerous Zombie Gashat, which he used to become Zombie Gamer form. After the death of Kiriya (aka Kamen Rider Lazer, who would later come back), he begins his reign of terror, where he creates a game known as Kamen Rider Chronicle. Due to this, he begins to claim himself as a god. Before the game could be released, Ex-Aid assumes his Maximum Gamer form for the first time and defeat him with the help of Brave and Snipe. Once the Kamen Rider Chronicle game is released by Parado, he then comes back thanks to help of Poppy. Once back, he begins to become a comic relief in the show, and has excuses for many internet memes. He reveals the reason for creating Kamen Rider Chronicle was to bring back his dead mother, who died due to the Bugster Virus. Ironically, Poppy was the Bugster who was created from Kuroto's mother, and has her memories. This gives Kuroto a motive to protect Poppy at all times. He also has the ability to gain another life, where he would pop out of a Mario-like tunnel that says continue. Once Chronos makes his debut and claims the Kamen Rider Chronicle game for himself, this pisses of Kuroto as he strives to become better than his dad. Despite being self-centered, Kuroto had a soft spot, but we'll never forget the times when he was psychotic and manipulative.

And that's it for now. Next time, I only have two more countdowns left, Top 10 Sentai Villains, and Top 10 Power Ranger Villains. And be sure to vote. Until then, Later

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Top 10 Ultraman Monsters

Hey guys. Hope you are having a good October. Today, I will be doing a countdown of the top 10 daikaiju from the Ultra Series. I put up a Google poll on Discord, but I didn't get enough responses. I got 10 responses, so this is what I'm going to bargain with. Without further ado, let's begin our countdown of the Top 10 Ultraman Monsters.


#10 - Mountain Gulliver No. 5 (from Ultraman Dyna Episode 42)
In Episode 42, Mtn. Gulliver No. 5 was created by Super GUTS to combat a space pirate threat (hey come on guys. Don't attack the Gokaigers. Well, I know their overrated but they don't deserve the hate!). The robot itself was piloted by Mai Midorikawa (who's played by Mariya Yamada, who was once an entry of Gravure Idol of the Week. Link here if you wanna check out her sexy pics: But, near the episode, it is soon revealed the entire episode was a dream Shin Asuka (aka Ultraman Dyna) had. Though not real, Mountain Gulliver No.5 was a badass robot that will forever be remembered.

#9 - Gan Q (from Ultraman Gaia Episode 6)
This monster makes number 9 because I really do like his design and its pretty basic, he's an eye monster, do I need to explain more? Okay, Gan Q has the ability to use his eyes to torment people. Once he assumes his new form, Code #1, he has the ability to suck things into his main eye. Another Gan Q appears in Episode 31, but as a grim reaper-esque monster, known as Zombie Gan Q, which is more of a deteriorated form of said monster. Later on, the zombie then transforms into Gan Q Code #2, which is a black version with red-like veins.

#8 - Grand King (from Ultraman Story)
In Ultraman Story, Juda ends up fusing the souls of Alien Baltan, Alien Hipporito, Red King, Eleking, Gomora, and Alien Mefilas to create Grand King, which was a very powerful monster to beat. Luckily, the Ultra Brothers fuse with Taro and finally defeat it. Grand King's design from 1984 was pretty lackluster. It then made it's return in Ultraman Ginga, where in Episode 10, the penultimate episode of the series, it had an updated design, being classified as Super Grand King, only later to be defeated by Ultraman Ginga himself. In Ultra Fight Victory, Grand King returns again as Super Grand King Spectre, with a more of a gold design. His power up is pretty similar to that of his master's, Juda, who becomes Juda Spectre. He is then defeated by Ultraman Victory's Knight Victorium Break. It returns again, for the last time I hope, in Ultraman Orb Episode 2, where it is one of four King Demon Beasts, known as Maga Grand King. In it's respective episode, it was causing gigantic holes in the grounds of a city. Luckily, Orb was able to defeat this guy once and for all and ends up getting a new collectible toy---I mean a new Fusion Card.

#7 - Pandon (from Ultra Seven Episodes 48-49)
Pandon was first seen in the final episodes of Ultra Seven as a vanguard to Alien Ghos. Ultra Seven later defeats him in both times he fights this kaiju. In Heisei Ultraseven EVOLUTION, King Pandon returns as Neo-Pandon. In Great Decisive Battle! Superior Ultra 8 Brothers!!, it returns as King Pandon. It returns again in Ultraman Saga and then returns one more time as Maga Pandon, another of the four King Demon Beasts. It first appears inside of a fireball which is then destroyed by Ultraman Orb, revealing the monster inside. It battles Orb on the ground as Orb assumes his Burnmite form and defeats it.

#6 - Gomess (from Ultra Q Episode 1)
I honestly had to put this guy on the list, because, he is the very first monster to ever appear in the Ultra Series. Yes, I am counting Ultra Q despite the fact that there are no Ultramen in that show, but it still happened and I like to connect it. It is actually a predator of a bird kaiju known as Litra. In battle, Litra uses her Citronella Acid to defeat him. Sadly, it costs the bird's life.

#5 - Dark Lugiel (from Ultraman Ginga Episode 11)
Now this is an Ultraman villain. His design is very cool and his buildup was mysterious and chilling. It  was unknown who was sending the monsters that Ginga would eventually fight and all we could see is mutated purple hands. As the show got closer to the end, we found out that he was possessing the principal of the school Hikaru and his friends went to. He then assumes his true form and battles Ginga in an epic climax battle. After Ginga wins, in Ultraman Ginga S, Lugiel returns as Vict Lugiel, when he combines with the UPG's base. Android One Zero betrayed her fellow members to control it, but it was of course a fake betrayal. By weaking it, Ginga and Victory were able to destroy him, costing the android's life. This villain will always be seen as an iconic villain to me. Speaking of iconic...

#4 - Alien Metron (from Ultra Seven Episode 8)
Here's an iconic alien. From the planet of Metron, his species are known to be really violent beings, but some are really humble and kind. When he first appeared, people were acting violent due to cigarettes they were smoking, which had a red substance inside of them. When Dan Moroboshi (aka Ultraseven) finds Metron, he sees that he is a friendly alien. This is shown through the iconic scene where Dan sits down with Metron at the table, but Dan was able to see through his deception and Metron tried to escape. Luckily, Dan turns into Ultraseven and finishes the being. His son appears in Ultraman Ace as Alien Metron Jr., who is quickly destroyed by Ace himself. He appears again in other Ultra Series, like the Heisei Ultraseven series, Ultraman Max, and many others, proving that this guy is a really great kaiju. Onto number 3.

#3 - Ultraman Belial (from Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle)
To be honest, I kind of cheating here, since this guy is considered to be an Ultraman, but I just wanna include him in anyways. He was once a good Ultraman who fought alongside Ultraman Ken (aka Ultra Father). When he got jealous of Ultraman Ken's praise, he tried to steal the Plasma Spark, but couldn't and was banished from the Land of Light. He then comes across Reiblood who fuses with him, turning him into his form he has now. He takes on the Ultra Brothers and the rest of the inhabitants of the Land of Light. Luckily, the new kid in town (at the time), Ultraman Zero (Ultraseven's son) comes and fights him off. He somehow fuses with every single Ultra Monster from beginning to latest and becomes Beryudora, but Zero defeats this badass chimera kaiju, but Belial survives. He keeps coming every chance he has, as Kaiser Belial, inside of the Armored Darkness armor (dubbed Kaiser Darkness), Arch Belial, and as Zero Darkness. This guys does not know when to die, he's like the Freddy Kreuger of Ultraman. His essence is used inside of a Fusion Card alongside with Zoffy's, which gives Orb the ability to use Thunder Breaster form. And now, he will have a lot of focus in the current Ultra Series, Ultraman Geed, since the new kid is his son. He will take on monstrous new forms, such as Chimeraberos and Atrocious Form. All good reasons to have him on this list.

#2 - Gomora (from Ultraman Episode 26)
Gomora ends his spot on the list because, you guessed it, he was the very first monster to ever beat Ultraman. Since Ultraman started as a 60s show, it was that kind of show that followed a specific formula. Ultraman would always beat whatever monster the universe could through at him, but Gomora was a bit different, but Ultraman still was able to beat him at the end of the episode. He returns again in Ultraman 80 as Gomora II, a monster who lived underground. In Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero (aka Ultraman Powered), he returned as Powered Gomora. He returns, normally, again in Ultraman Max, Ultraman Mebius, and in Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle. Gomora is a really great Ultra Daikaiju and will always be remembered. He was so close to number 1 spot.


                              Eleking            Jugglus Juggler                      Zetton

And Number 1 is.....

#1 - IF (from Ultraman Max Episode 15)
This is honestly the best Ultraman monster of all time. At first, I knew nothing about this guy, but once I researched him, I realized he had a soothing story. He first appears near a refinery in the form of a white sphere, until transforming into a rock-like creature with guns on it's back. Pretty badass, am I right? It's third form then grows legs and begins to move. It's fourth form takes the cake. It has the ability to regenerate and absorb whatever was thrown at him. It was indeed a terrifying monster. After beating Ultraman Max, he then begins an assault on the city. While he is sleeping, he then runs into a blind orphan named Akko, who has a dream of being a musician. Wishing to turn the monster kind, she plays her flute to IF. This somehow makes IF a gentle monster as he absorbs her music, growing instruments from his body, which he plays. He then levitates into space where he plays music forever.

There you have it folks. The Top 10 Best Ultraman Monsters. Do you agree with my list? Reply in the comments below. Next time, I will be counting the Top 10 Best Kamen Rider Monsters. Until next time, Later.