Saturday, December 9, 2017

Lupinranger vs Patoranger Revealed!

Hey guys. Just now, the Toku Fandom have now gotten intel on the newest Super Sentai team. Or should I say, teams? That's right, instead of focusing on one Sentai team, the next series will focus on two! Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you, the 2018-19 Super Sentai series, Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger vs Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger.

Now your probably wondering, why is Toei going for two Sentai teams instead of one. Well, I have a theory. Toei could be celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Sentai team-ups. The first Sentai team-up was in 1978, with Goranger vs. JAKQ, so they could be probably celebrating that. So, some fans love these suits, some hate them. but I like them. So, let's get to know our teammates. In Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger, there's LupinRed, LupinBlue, and LupinYellow. In Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger, there's PatorenIchigo, PatorenNigo, and PatorenSango.

Over here, you can see their henshin devices, which are the VS Changers, which both teams will use. The gimmicks of this season are the Dial Fighters, the Lupinrangers' gimmicks, and the Trigger Machines, the Patorangers' gimmicks. The gimmicks are both their sources of power and their mechs. The Dial Fighters are inserted onto the top of the VS Changer while the Trigger Machine is inserted at the bottom. To have their mechs combine, they rely on a sentient mech known as the Good Striker, which I'm assuming there are two of them, but in the toyline, you can change it from Dial Fighter to Trigger Machine form. When combined with the VS Changer, it can form a bazooka for the teams final attack. The Lupinrangers' final attack would be an attack that would clone themselves, while the Patorangers' final attack would fuse all three of them together into PatorenUgo.

This is how to form the robos for the season. The Lupinrangers' Dial Fighters would combine with their Good Striker to form LupinKaizer. The Patorangers' Trigger Machines would combine with their Good Striker to form PatoKaizer.

Both teams will later get an auxillary mech for each. The Lupinrangers' will later get the Cyclone Dial Fighter and the Patorangers' will get the Trigger Machine Biker. They also have their own sidearms. The Lupinrangers' have the LupinSword, which has two modes, a grabber mode and sword mode. The Patorangers' have the MegaBou, which as well has two modes, a megaphone mode and sword mode.

There you have it. Next time is another Gravure Idol of the Week. Until next time, Happy Holidays and Later.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Power Rangers Battle Beasts Season 1, Episode 7: A Life at It's Limit

Hey guys. Sorry that it's been a long time and sadly, even it's December, there is no Christmas episode planned at this time. I do have one planned later in the season, but I doubt I would release it at Christmas time. So, with that out of the way, let's get into Episode 7 of Power Rangers Battle Beasts, A Life at It's Limit.


After a quick recap of last time...

Leon: Last time on Power Rangers Battle Beasts...

We begin our episode with the Rangers going back to Larry's hideout.

Aaron: Larry?
Amy: What happened?
Leon: Everything's gone.
Sadie: Where do you think he ran off to?

After looking out into the forest...

Trevor: Who knows? It's getting late.

After the Rangers leave, and when Aaron has a look of concern on his face, we cut to night as we see Gigantojaw in the ground, yelling for help, but muffled.

Gigantojaw: Anybody? Help me!!

Suddenly, a cubed purple arm pulls him out of the ground, transitioning into the new opening sequence.

After, we cut to the Rangers ,in the morning, as they notice Aaron is already at the table.

Sadie: Oh, hey Aaron. Didn't know you were up so early.
Aaron: I just couldn't stop thinking.
Amy: About Larry?
Aaron: This place is a big world. I just don't get why he just suddenly disappears.
Trevor: Well, hey, look on the bright side. Now he has a good perspective on humans. I mean, he did save you.

Leon then later spots EZ's bug-out bag (which he shown on Tokuween 2016).

Leon: What's this? Band-Aids?

Grabbing out his Birth Buster.

Leon: Cool gun.

And finding a WWE Diva magazine of Torrie Wilson in a silver bikini.

Leon: Whoa, who's this sexy dame?
EZ: Gimme that! It's mine! What the hell are you doing going through my bug-out bag?!
Leon: Hey, why can't I see? Don't you know? Cause Sharing means--!
EZ: If you finish that sentence, I swear to God I am going to show every single episode of Ninninger.

Cut to the Zenix Arrowship, where Bloxor makes his return.

Bloxor: Hello, again, everyone. Naria, the usual.
Zarkron: Welcome back, Bloxor. I'd see the regenerating ability in your body has done well.
Bloxor: I can call myself lucky, but let's get to usual things. As I speak, Gigantojaw is now making a living hell out of those humans.

An alarm then goes off, which upsets Sadie.

Sadie: Uh, what's that noise?
Trevor: I reconfigured HAL's system and connected it with EZ's desktop, turning it into a supercomputer.
EZ: What did you that for?
Trevor: To detect enemies. We got the Zenix Empire attacking 49th Street.
Aaron: Let's go.

As the Rangers leave, we see Gigantojaw eating up a building.

Gigantojaw: Well, that felt appetizing! Time for seconds!

The Rangers arrive.

Amy: Wait a minute? Isn't that the monster from before?

A flashback of Gigantojaw falling in the forest is shown.

Sadie: Holy crap, your right! We got so caught up with Larry & Bloxor, we forgot all about him.
Leon: Well, now we can make amends. Let's take this guy to his grave.
Aaron: It's Morphin Time!

The Rangers then morph and begin to fight Gigantojaw.

Gigantojaw: Time to defeat you Rangers with my mighty power. Psych!

Gigantojaw then runs to the building on the right, gobbling it down as fast as the Daytona 500, then jumping off of it.

Leon: Hey, big mouth, get back here!
Aaron: I'll get him! Unleash the--!
Sadie: Wait a sec! I hear someone crying. Over there.

The Rangers then move through the rubble, searching for the girl.

Leon: Hello?
Amy: Are you here?

Sara and Aaron then spot someone saving the girl, they run up to him while demorphing, where it's actually Larry who saved her.

Sadie: Are you okay?
Larry: Oh, I'm fine, amigo.
Aaron: Larry?
Larry: You've got me confused with someone else.

As the others arrive, demorphed, Aaron pulls off his hood, revealing grey hair.

Aaron: What happened to you?
Leon: You look old now.

He says as he takes off his sunglasses.

Larry: Well, I can explai--.

He then realizes that the little girl knows what he looks like now. He tries to cover his face, thinking she would scream and run away, but she does the opposite.

Little Girl: Thank you, mister.
Larry: No problem, senorita.

We then cut back to the house as the Rangers bring Larry to their home.

All Five: We're home.
EZ: Oh, hey guys, how was the--

EZ then spots Larry.

EZ: Holy crap, is this the Avatar you guys were talking about?
Larry: Hola.
Leon: EZ, this is Larry. Larry, EZ.
EZ: Nice to meet you. I'm sure you know the Rangers. These two are my Imagin friends, Rager and Suave.
Rager: Oh look, food!

He says as he takes out his knife from his holster.

EZ: Cut it out, Rager. I'm sorry, Rager is kind of a...sadist. He's just messin' around with you.
Sadie: Well, know that we got introductions out of the way, let's get some answers.

She says as she sits at the table.

Aaron: OK, I'll start. What's with your hair?
Larry: Well, what's the matter with trying out a new look?
Trevor: Cut the crap. It's so obvious.

He says as he takes off his glasses.

Trevor: The only way Aaron could have assumed Gorilla Mode is by having Larry infuse his own energy into him. That energy is also his life energy.
Leon: So what your coming across is that by infusing his life energy into him...
Sadie: His lifespan has shortened.

This brings a look of shock to Aaron's face.

Aaron: Well, why can't I just infuse it back into him?
Trevor: Once our life energy is infused into another, it's permanent. It's a done-deal. Sorry.
Aaron: I need some air.

Aaron then walks outside. He then sits on the hood of his truck, talking in monologue.

Aaron (monologue): When I first turned into the Red Gorilla Ranger, the power felt immense. I thank Larry for that. I felt like I was connected to him. But now that his life is shortened, I feel like it's happening all over again.

A flashback of the car crash appears.

Aaron (dialogue): Wait a minute. On that night, when the bird-man infused his energy into me wouldn't that mean his life is shortened too?

As night rolls around, Larry looks out at the window after the others explain why Aaron can morph.

Larry: So that's how he can morph.
Trevor: Yes.
Larry: What was he doing on that night to begin with?
Leon: Aaron, lost his parents at a young age.
Sadie: There's a possibility that he doesn't want you to die like they did.
Trevor: Do you know where the bird-man is?
Larry: Hard to know. This world is a big place. Why?
Trevor: Well, I have a hunch that maybe he stole the missing cube.
Sadie: Well, if he's bad, then why did he save Aaron?
Trevor: Like I said, it's just a hunch. We don't know for sure.
Amy: Well, if he did steal the cube, I wonder why.

Cut to the next day, as Gigantojaw arrives.

Gigantojaw: I'm back again and ready for breakfast.

The alarm then goes off.

Trevor: Gigantojaw's back.
Leon: Alright, let's settle this.
Sadie: Let me call Aaron.

She grabs out her Morpher to call him, but Amy closes it.

Amy: He should have some time to himself. We'll call him if things get ugly.

They then rush through the door, as Larry walks out too, probably to find Aaron.

Gigantojaw: Time to chow do--OW!!!

He says as he is hit by the Rangers' Beast Blasters.

Sadie: Didn't think that it wouldn't be easy, did you?
Leon: Let's Go!
Gigantojaw: Back again, eh?

The Rangers convert their weapons to Saber Mode and fight him.

Gigantojaw: God, I can't just eat in peace! Zigglers, Go! Attack!

He summons Zigglers and the Rangers fight them. Cut to Aaron sitting on a bench at the lake, being approached by Larry.

Larry: Bonjour, Aaron.
Aaron: Hi. Ya know, I wish I would have never bothered you.
Larry: Why is that?
Aaron: Because now your like this and I've taken away years from you.
Larry: That maybe true, but you also made a good thing happen.
Aaron: What?
Larry: I helped you because now I feel good about humans thanks to you. And I was able to make a new friend.

Flashback of the little girl.

Larry: So to be honest, we've come full circle. You helped me, and I helped you. And besides, I don't care whether I'm old or not. It's more about the journey than the destination, meaning that I should cherish the days I have left. But if you don't go help your friends, none of us will have a life to live.
Aaron: Your right. Thanks.

Aaron then runs to help the other Rangers. The Rangers continue to battle the Zigglers with their Beast Blasters in Sword Mode.

Gigantojaw: Those sabers look appetizing.
Trevor: What?

Gigantojaw joins the fight as he eats their weapons one-by-one.

Leon: He ate our weapons!
Gigantojaw: Now get a whiff of this!

Gigantojaw and the Zigglers fire at the Rangers, causing them to demorph.

Gigantojaw: I wonder what Avatars taste like. Why don't we see.

Gigantojaw jumps into the air, about to eat the four, but luckily, Aaron saves them with his Beast Blaster, sending him flying back.

Gigantojaw: Not again.
Amy: Aaron!
Aaron: Sorry for the wait. Larry gave me his Gorilla Power for a reason, so I'm damn well going to use it.

The others smile and nod. The five then begin to morph.

Gigantojaw: Get me up, nimrods.

This time, he presses the number 6, for the power of the Gorilla.

All Five: It's Morphin Time! Spirit Unleash!

The five then morph into their suits, especially Aaron, who this time, transforms into the Red Gorilla Ranger.

Aaron: Spirit of the Gorilla! Power Ranger...Red!
Sadie: Spirit of the Shark! Power Ranger...Blue!
Leon: Spirit of the Lion! Power Ranger...Yellow!
Trevor: Spirit of the Elephant! Power Ranger...Green!
Amy: Spirit of the Tiger! Power Ranger...White!
Aaron: Spirits, Unite as One! Power Rangers...
All Five: Battle Beasts!
Aaron: Rangers...Stampede!
Gigantojaw: Zigglers..Stampede!

Aaron starts off the fight as he punches every single Ziggler with his fists, one by one, sending them flying. The others go wild.


They say as they attack Gigantojaw.

Sadie: Comin' from below!
Leon and Amy: And coming from the top!
Trevor: And I'll take him on with a PACHYDERM POWER STOMP!!
Gigantojaw: Quit rhym--OW!! Wait, does top even rhyme with stomp. Who cares? Take this!

Gigantojaw fires at them with his laser mohawk, but Aaron comes in, swinging on his Eagle Strike Saber with a vine. He swings towards Gigantojaw and punches him, sending him flying towards a sign, where it bends and flies him back, where Aaron repeatedly punches him. When he lands, Gigantojaw tries to eat him, but Aaron breaks his jaw.

Gigantojaw (distorted): My jaw, you broke my jaw!
Aaron: Don't worry, I'll fix it!

He punches him again, sending him flying, which resets his jaw.

Gigantojaw: Some many punches, I'm getting dizzy!
Aaron: Your gonna be more than that once were done with you.

Leon and Trevor get into a position on the ground where Aaron stands on them, and the girls hold his belt.

Gigantojaw: What's this, Cirque du Soleil?
All Five: Battle Beast...Final Smash!
Bloxor: Naria, you know what to do. Yes, Bloxor.

Naria beams to Earth and inserts a coin into Gigantojaw, making him grow.

Gigantojaw: Looks like the feast has just gotten bigger.
Aaron: Cube Zords--Wait a minute.

Aaron grabs out his Morpher.

Aaron: 6 is shining. Looks like we got a new Zord.
Leon: Awesome! It's a Gorilla.
Sadie: Well, of course.
Amy: So neat!
Larry: Go ahead, amigo. Show that numbnut some gorilla power!
Aaron: Right!

Aaron then boards his new Zord.

Aaron: Gorilla Zord, Go!
Gigantojaw: New Zord, eh? Well, I'm still gonna deck ya!
Aaron: Don't think so! Time to drop some cubes on you!

The Gorilla Zord throws cube at Gigantojaw and then swings on a vine.

Gigantojaw: Laser Hawk!
Aaron: Tarzan ain't got crap on me!

Gigantojaw misses him and the Gorilla swings at him.

Aaron: I bet this is worse than punches! 

After landing...

Aaron: Alright, now. Gorilla Cannon.
Sadie: Nice!
Leon: Awesome!
Gigantojaw: Think your tough, eh? Well, you won't be once your in my stomach!
Aaron: Sorry, I'm not on the menu.

He converts into Cube Mode and goes inside his mouth, breaking his jaw.

Aaron: Guess this Zord and I are king of the world, right now! *Laughs*

The Gorilla Zord picks him up and throws him.

Amy: Get him, Aaron!
Larry: OK, amigos! You two, get in there!

He pushes Trevor and Amy.

Amy: Gotcha.
Trevor: Why are you giving orders? Never mind.

The two board their Zords and combine with the Gorilla, Tiger, and Elephant Zords.

Aaron: Zords, Combine!
All Three: Battle Kong Megazord, Ready!
Gigantojaw: Already, a new Megazord!
All Three: Konga Blaster!
Amy: Great! Now he ate the Konga Blaster!

Without the blaster, they then, again, repeatedly punch him out of his misery.

Aaron: Let's end this!

They proceed with their final attack as the theme song plays.

All Three: Battle Kong, Final Rapid Punch!
Gigantojaw: Well, that didn't taste so good!

As he explodes, the Rangers celebrate in cheer, as Leo, Sara, and Larry do the same on the ground. After the battle, Larry decides to leave.

Leon: So, your leaving, huh?
Larry: Well, this world is a big place. Got to explore somehow.
Aaron: Stay safe our there, man.

He says with a handshake.

Larry: I will. I'll try to look for the missing cube too while I'm at it.

He covers up his face and greets them farewell.

Larry: Adios.
All Five: Bye.
Aaron: Take care.

Larry walks off, ending our episode.

NEXT TIME ON POWER RANGERS BATTLE BEASTS: Both the Alliance and the Zenix Empire have their own plans to destroy the Rangers and EZ Rider. First, Neuron ends up capturing Amy and turns her into a Ziggler! Will Trevor be able to free his friend? Meanwhile, the Vanity Alliance distracts the others by sending another of their own monsters, Crabclaw. Will the three Rangers and EZ be able to stop Crabclaw and help their friends?

Well, that's it for now. It's December, so, go out there and start celebrating Christmas. Until then, Later.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

List of Secondary Riders

Hey guys. Recently, Kamen Rider Cross-Z has just made his debut in the latest episode of Kamen Rider Build. So, I've decided to go over all the secondary Riders from G3-Cross-Z. Starting...Now!!


Kamen Rider G3 (Kamen Rider Agito)
Makoto Hikawa was a cop chosen by the Metropolitan Police Department and recruited into the G3 division to don the G3 Suit, called Kamen Rider G3, by most fans. As the Unknown were getting stronger, he ends up upgrading his suit into G3-X.


Kamen Rider Knight (Kamen Rider Ryuki)
Ren Akiyama had a fiancee who has been in a coma for a long time, so he was given an Advent Deck from Kanzaki to become Kamen Rider Knight, with his respective Advent Beast, Darkwing. Surprisingly, after Shinji (aka Kamen Rider Ryuki) dies, he ends up defeating Kamen Rider Odin and wins the Rider War, thus, reviving his fiancee.

Kamen Rider Kaixa (Kamen Rider 555)
Masato Kusaka is a Ryuseiji who has a crush on Mari and would do anything to protect her, even manipulating other people to get what he wants. When the Kaixa Driver was first revealed, it's power was so intense that whoever would wear it, would be killed, but Masato was the only one who could use it, given the fact that he was given more Orphenoch DNA than the other Ryuseiji. He sadly meets his end when he goes up against Lucky Clover on his own, and KAMEN RIDER TAISEN SOMEHOW PLAYS HIS DEATH DIFFERENTLY!!!!. Bastards!

Kamen Rider Garren (Kamen Rider Blade)
Sakuya Tachibana is chosen by B.O.A.R.D., alongside Kazuma Kenzaki, to use the Garren Buckle to transform into Kamen Rider Garren. At the time, he thought that using the Rider System would kill him, so he accepted Isaka (aka the Peacock Undead)'s offer to use seaweed that would make him more braver, but, it was actually an advantage for Isaka to control him and force him to fight the other Riders. When his girlfriend Sayako is harmed, he gets his balls together and defeats the Peacock Undead, sealing him in a Rouze Card.

Kamen Rider Ibuki (Kamen Rider Hibiki)
Ibuki is an Oni who uses the Henshin Onibue Onteki to assume his Oni form. Once in Oni form, he can use the Ongekikan Reppa, a trumpet, as his main weapon.

Kamen Rider Gatack (Kamen Rider Kabuto)
Arata Kagami was a low-level field agent who temporarily becomes Kamen Rider TheBee, but then later gains the Gatack Zecter and becomes Kamen Rider Gatack. In the Hyper Battle DVD, after going through a phase to be just like Tendou, he gains his own Hyper Zecter and assumes his own Hyper Form.

Kamen Rider Zeronos (Kamen Rider Den-O)
Yuto Sakurai is actually the younger version of Airi Nogami (aka Ryotaro/Den-O's sister)'s fiancee, who was just called the Past Man. Partnered with his Imagin, Deneb, he uses the Zeronos Belt to become Kamen Rider Zeronos. He can combine with Deneb to assume Vega Form. He has his own train as well, the ZeroLiner.


Kamen Rider IXA (Kamen Rider Kiva)
Used by Keisuke Nago, he uses the Ixa Belt to transform into Kamen Rider Ixa. His visor can open to reveal his Burst Mode. In 1986, the system was used by Otoya Kurenai (Wataru's father) and he was able to become Kamen Rider Ixa, but only in Save Mode, since Burst Mode was still in development.

Kamen Rider Diend (Kamen Rider Decade)
Daiki Kaito is a thief who steals valuable treasures and later stole the Diendriver to become Kamen Rider Diend. On his home world, he is a fugitive who is hunted by his brother, Junichi, who is the A.R. World version of Kamen Rider Glaive.

Kamen Rider Accel (Kamen Rider W)
Ryu Terui is a cop whose parents were killed by Isako Shinkuro (aka the Weather Dopant). He is then given the Accel Driver and Gaia Memory to become Kamen Rider Accel. He is a very unique Rider since he also has the ability to become a bike.

Kamen Rider Birth (Kamen Rider OOO)
Akira Date is a laidback guy who uses the Birth Driver to become Kamen Rider Birth, and is promised a reward by Kougami if he collects Cell Medals. He can use Cell Medals to activate any of his Birth CLAWs weapons, which he can combine to form the CLAWs Sasori. After leaving, he gives the Birth Driver to his lackey, Shintaro Goto, who becomes the next Birth. Date later returns and uses a Prototype Birth Driver, becoming Kamen Rider Proto Birth.

Kamen Rider Meteor (Kamen Rider Fourze)
Ryusei Sakuta is a transfer student to Amanogawa High School from Subaruboshi High School where he uses the Meteor Driver to become Kamen Rider Meteor. He is a martial artist who joins the Anti-Zodiarts Union, to avenge his friend, Jiro, and fight the Zodiarts, but later becomes apart of the Kamen Rider Club. 5 Years Later, he becomes an agent for Interpol.

Kamen Rider Beast (Kamen Rider Wizard)
Kousuke Nitoh is a student archaeologist who finds the Beast Driver and becomes Kamen Rider Beast. After defeating a Phantom, his absorbs their essence into his belt, feeding his Phantom, the Beast Chimera, otherwise, he will die.

Kamen Rider Baron (Kamen Rider Gaim)
Now this is a badass secondary Rider. Kaito Kumon was the leader of Team Baron and becomes Kamen Rider Baron after gaining the Sengoku Driver and Banana Lockseed. After learning about the Overlords, Kaito leaves and gives the leadership role of Team Baron to Zack, giving him a Sengoku Driver to become Kamen Rider Knuckle. In a battle against Duke, he eats a Helheim Fruit and becomes an Over Lord Inves himself.

In a final battle against Kouta (aka Gaim), he meets his end when he gets stabbed by Kouta, dying in his arms.

Kamen Rider Mach (Kamen Rider Drive)
Go Shijima is a cameraman who is Kiriko Shijima's (played by Rio Uchida, who was a GIOTW, link here: younger brother. He uses the Mach Driver Honoh to become Kamen Rider Mach. He was given his belt by Harley Hendrickson, who was Krim Steinbelt's mentor.

Kamen Rider Specter (Kamen Rider Ghost)
Makoto Fukami was once Takeru (aka Ghost)'s friend, but when he and his sister, Kanon, was sucked into the Ganma World, Kanon was turned into an Eyecon and Makoto was given a Ghost Driver to become Kamen Rider Specter. He was Takeru's enemy for awhile so he could take his Eyecons and revive Kanon, but when Takeru unites the Eyecons, he chooses to revive Kanon, making Makoto his ally. And, after that, he's practically ignored. He barely gets that much character development as most secondary Riders do. Another reason why Ghost is lackluster Rider entry to the franchise.

Kamen Rider Brave (Kamen Rider Ex-Aid)
Hiiro Kagami is an experienced doctor who loses his girlfriend, Saki, to the Bugster Virus, motivating him to become Kamen Rider Brave. Usually, Hiiro has a strict personality where he only cares about the patient's condition, not about what makes them happy, unlike his partner, Emu (aka Ex-Aid).

Kamen Rider Cross-Z (Kamen Rider Build)
Ryuga Banjou is a fugitive who was framed for the death of Takumi Katsuragi. He later runs into Sento (aka Build) and befriends him. He later gets more of a motive when his girlfriend, Kasumi, dies in his arms. He is then given the Cross-Z Dragon and the Dragon Full Bottle to become Kamen Rider Cross-Z.

And there you have it folks. Next time, it's time for Episode 7 of Power Rangers Battle Beasts, A Life at It's Limit. Until then, Later.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Ultraman Collectible Devices

Hey guys. Today, I'll be going over the Collectible Devices of Ultraman. Yes, indeed, much like Kamen Rider & Super Sentai, the Ultra Series decided to get into the gimmick schemes to make money. So, this is going to be quick. Ready, Go!

Spark Dolls (Ultraman Ginga)
The collectible devices from Ultraman Ginga are known as Spark Dolls, which when the doll's foot is touched by a Ginga Spark, the user can transform into the being the doll represents, whether it is an Ultraman or a Kaiju.

Cyber Cards (Ultraman X)
The Cyber Cards are what stores the Cyber Monsters, cybernetic counterparts of various Kaiju. Type U cards are what hold the power of various Ultraman.

Fusion Cards (Ultraman Orb)
The Fusion Cards are what as well hold the power of various Ultraman. Two cards can be combined into a Fusion Up form that can be used by Ultraman Orb himself. There are also Kaiju Cards that can be used to summon it's respective Kaiju or fuse two Kaiju together.

Ultra Capsules (Ultraman Geed)
The Ultra Capsules are devices that as well, for the third time, hold the power of the respective Ultraman. Once two Capsules are scanned, it can initiate an Fusion Rise that can combine the powers of two Ultraman that would be used by Ultraman Geed. The Kaiju Capsules can summon a Kaiju or fuse them together.

Well, that's it folks. Next time, I'll be going over the secondary Riders from G3 to the latest, Cross-Z. Until then, Later.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Power Rangers Battle Beasts Season 1, Episode 6: Strength of A Gorilla

Hey guys, I'm back. The ratings on my show aren't doing well, but I won't stop until I get to the top. Anyways, here is Episode 6 of Power Rangers Battle Beasts, Strength of A Gorilla. Enjoy!


Instead of a recap of last time, we start the episode off with the Rangers at the zoo where they are seeing different animals.

Sadie: Suke!!
Leon: So, this is what animals are like in your world?
Aaron: Yep.
Trevor: Why are their fences surrounding the animals?
Aaron: To keep them from attacking people.
Trevor: I see. So their treating our kind like prisoners?
Aaron: That´s not the ca--!!

Amy interrupts him.

Amy: Hey, Aaron, come here! What is that fat, grey animal?

She asks while sipping a smoothie.

Aaron: That´s a hippo.
Leon: Whoa, is that a giraffe?
Aaron: Yep.

He then notices Sadie is gone.

Aaron: Wait, where did Sadie go?

Sadie is then seen at the aquarium part of the zoo, looking at the sharks, falling in love with them while the kids are scared and being hugged by their mothers.

Sadie: I think I´m in love!

Leon then catches up to her and picks her up.

Leon: Come on, Sharknado!!
Sadie: Damn you, Leon!! We will meet again!

We then cut to a scene of where Amy continues sipping on her smoothie while Aaron and Trevor are passing out flyers to find the missing cube.

Aaron: We´re trying to look for something we lost. We´d appreciate any help.

He then runs into a mysterious man who's face is covered.

Aaron: Oh, didn't realize you were there. Here's a flyer. We trying to find something that we lost. We'd appreciate your help.
Mysterious Man: Arigotou, Amigo.
Aaron: He was strange.

He says as he leaves. Aaron then looks at the sky and notices a swarm of Tri-Speeders using his eagle vision. He then alerts the others.

Aaron: Tri-Speeders!!

We then cut to one of the Speeders where we meet the Monster of the Week, Gigantojaw.

Gigantojaw: Ah, just look at it! What a beautiful planet for a great feast. I'm sure Bloxor will be so proud.
All Five: Cube Zords, Go!

The Rangers arrive on the scene in their Cube Zords and combine their Zords to form the Battle King Megazord.

Theme song then plays.

Cut back to the battle as the Megazord wards off the Tri-Speeders.

Leon: Is that all you got?
Sadie: Well it's not enough!

They continue to ward off the Tri-Speeders as Amy & Trevor help in their Zords.

Trevor: Now!
Aaron: Got it! Giraffe Zord, Go!

The Giraffe Zord then grows big and assumes the Giraffe Cannon mode.

Gigantojaw: Get out of the way! I´m driving!
All Three: Final Bazooka Blast!

Gigantojaw then escapes the Tri-Speeder.

Gigantojaw: I´m down, but I´m not out!
Amy: What? He got away!
Gigantojaw: Can't catch me no--Oh shiiiit!!

Gigantojaw then falls head down on the ground, stuck.

Trevor: Let's get him!

The Rangers then eject their Zords and demorph, looking in the forest and trying to find him.

Leon: Where the hell did that guy go?
Sadie: Maybe he's dead because I can't hear him.

She says as in the background, he is still stuck in the ground. They then notice the bush shaking.

Aaron: Over there!
Leon: Stay right there!!

They then chase the guy where Aaron tackles him.

Aaron: Your not escaping us this time!

The man then turns over a reveals his face.

Aaron: A gorilla?
All Four: An Avatar!
Gorilla Man: How do you four know about Avatars?
Trevor: Because we're Avatars too!

They then assume their Avatar forms.

Gorilla Man: Oh, Amigos!

They then hug each other in joy.

Gorilla Man: The name's Larry.

We then cut to the Zenix Arrowship.

Bloxor: Gigantojaw, you damn idiot! His mouth may be big, but he has a brain the size of a coin.
Neuron: How does that make him different from you?
Bloxor: Leave me alone.
Neuron: I am just being honest. You could have chose a better warrior fit for this job.
Bloxor: SHUT UP!! I'm going down there!
Naria: Why is that?
Bloxor: He may be dumb, but I could give him a little help.
Neuron: Such a shame to babysit your own soldier.
Zarkron: But with his power, I think this is about to become indulging.

Cut back to the Rangers as they check out Larry's home in the forest.

Leon: So, this is were you've been crashing?
Larry: Yep! Now tell me, how are you able to assume human form?
Trevor: It's because of these.

The four then pop out their Morphers.

Larry: Are those the ancient crystal cubes?
Amy: You betcha ya!
Larry: But wait, why do they look so different?
Leon: It's because now their Morphers, which we can use to become Power Rangers.
Larry: Nani? Power Rangers?! I've only heard about them in myths, but, I've never thought that they were real!
Trevor: Now tell us. How did you end up in the human world?
Larry: I'm actually a scientist.
Aaron: Really?
Larry: Yes, indeed. In Animalia, I wanted to see if I could replicate the capabilities of a crystal cube by making an artificial one. By having it fueled by the cubes' energy, I used the artificial one and came to the human world, where I began studying their activities and cultures. When I was about to return home, I noticed the artificial one I made was gone, where I noticed a pile of dust at the bottom of the gate.
Larry (flashback): NOOOO!!!
Trevor: And ever since then, you've been lonely on Earth, all these years.
Larry: But hey, look on the bright side, at least I've found other Avatars. Hey, what has become of the old land?

The Rangers then look at each other in despair, trying to resist to tell him the truth.

Sadie: Animalia is destroyed.
Larry: What?
Amy: Including all of the Avatars. One of the cubes were stolen and the planet got weak and vulnerable and then...
Leon: The Zenix Empire attacked us.
Larry: There real too?
Trevor: As we speak, this planet is there next target.

After hearing such news, Larry gets riled up.

Larry: I got to get out of here!
Leon: Hey look, don't get riled up! The five of us are Power Rangers now, we can take these bastards!
Amy: Yeah, and we're trying to find the missing cube so we can use them all to rebuild our home.
Larry: Well, that gives me hope. How about some Sakurian Tea?
All Four: Sure.

As he gets the tea...

Aaron: What's that?
Larry: You've never heard of it? I thought you were an Avatar.
Aaron: Oh, I'm the only one here who's human.

Larry then stops.

Larry: What?
Aaron: I'm human.

This suddenly scares Larry.

Larry: Get away from me!
Sadie: Larry, what's wrong?
Larry: Get away from me, you sadistic being!!
Aaron: What? I'm not---!!

Larry then starts throwing stuff at him and runs away, causing Leon and Sadie to run after him.

Leon: Hey, Donkey Kong, wait!
Amy: What did you do to him?
Aaron: I didn´t do anything!

As Leon and Sadie catch up to him...

Leon: OK, pops, you got some explaining to do.
Sadie: Why did you runoff like that?
Larry: Ever since I got stuck here on Earth, I thought it would be logical to begin interacting with humans.

Flashback occurs.

Larry (Flashback): Hola, Amigos!!
Larry: Whenever I would introduce myself, humans would always run away from me.

The flashback continues as Larry encounters a police officer who faces a gun at him.

Officer (Flashback): Freeze! Get on the ground!
Larry (Flashback): Oh my God!

As the Officer shoots, Larry runs away because of it and gets hit in the arm, ending the flashback.

Larry: Ever since then, I've always known that humans were cruel.
Leon: Well, Aaron is a different guy. He won't hurt you.
Sadie: Yeah, even though he ran away when we showed our true forms, Aaron got to know us more and he calmed down. I'm sure he'll do the same with you.
Larry: I doubt it.

Cut back to the house we're Leon and Sadie explains it to the others.

Aaron: So, that's why he ran off.
Sadie: Yes.
Trevor: So it seems he has a phobia of humans.
EZ: Wait, you guys met another Avatar. Cool! What animal was he?
Amy: A Gorilla.
Rager: Oh, I so wanna make a Donkey Kong reference right now!
Aaron: That's enough, Rager! I mean, I don't think you should be offending anybody right now.
Leon: Imagine what would happen if we got in the same situation. Let's eat.
Aaron: I'm just wondering if he would fear humans for the rest of his life. It just doesn't feel proper.
Amy: Well, maybe we can help him.

Cut to the morning as the Rangers help Larry with chores.

Amy & Sadie: Hey, Larry!
Larry: Bonjour, Senoritas!
Sadie: You gathering herbs?
Larry: Yep. For dinner tonight.
Amy: Mind if we help?
Larry: I'd appreciate it! Mind if you join me for dinner?
Amy & Sadie: Sure!
Amy: Would you like to join too, Aaron?
Aaron: Yeah.

Larry then stops and looks at Aaron.

Aaron: Hey.
Larry: The human! Get away from me!!!
Trevor: We'll, that didn't work.
Leon: Looks like it's time for Plan B.

Larry is seen carrying buckets of water on a pole. The guys help him with that.

Leon: Whazzup, Larry! Getting some water?
Trevor: Mind if we help?

After getting the buckets of water from the lake, the guys carry it.

Leon: God, this is heavy!
Trevor: Larry, your pretty strong!
Larry: We'll, I am a gorilla.
Aaron: Come on, guys! Put your back into it!

Larry then stops again and looks back.

Larry: You again?! Just quit it!

He bangs on the pole, causing Aaron to fly back and hit the tree, almost getting hit by the pole and being drenched by the water.

Aaron: Hey, I flew and I'm an eagle!

Aaron says deliriously. The girls then come to his aid.

Leon: What the hell, man! You almost killed him!
Larry: Enough! If you keep bringing him along, then I don't want to see you four as well!

Larry then walks off. Aaron then sits on a rock to dry off.

Aaron: Guess I got too persistent.

He then comes across a deer.

Aaron: Oh, hey there. Do you think he'll ever get over his fear of humans?

Larry is watching this conversation. He accidentally steps on a branch, causing the deer to run off.

Larry: You were kind to that deer.
Aaron: Well, I do have a soft spot for animals. And I know you've had a soft spot for humans once, until you encountered them and they got scared. That gave you a bad perspective on humans, but, there are other kinds of humans who don't get scared. I'm one of them, and all I to be a friend.

He says as he holds his hand. Aaron then gets a call on his Morpher.

Aaron: Hello?
Trevor: Aaron, we've got trouble!

Cut to Bloxor where he has landed on Earth, searching for Gigantojaw, but the Rangers catch up to him.

Bloxor: Where is that numbnuts?
Sadie: There he is!
Bloxor: Come on out, Gigantojaw!
Trevor: He's covered in cubes?
Bloxor: Power Rangers? What do you want?
Sadie: This guy looks different.
Leon: It's like he's stronger than anything we've faced before.
Bloxor: I don't have time with you chumps, so buzz off!
Leon: Yeah, how about no?!

The four then bring out their Morphers and Morph.

All Four: It's Morphin Time! Spirit Unleashed!

Morphed, they use their Beast Blasters and fire at him, not making a dent in him, but getting his attention.

Leon: It didn't work! Let's try Saber Mode.

They then take him on with the sabers, but they are not able to strike his broad and hard body. He then smacks them away.

Leon: Damn! We still can't make a dent in this guy!
Bloxor: Like four little kids are gonna destroy me. I guess I could kill four Rangers while I'm at it.

Luckily, Aaron arrives.

Aaron: Guys, I'm here!
Trevor: Be careful. This guy is powerful!
Bloxor: Like one more Ranger is gonna make a difference.
Aaron: Who are you?
Bloxor: I am Bloxor, General of the Zenix Empire!
Leon: General! No wonder why he is so strong!

Aaron then Morphs.

Aaron: It's Morphin Time! Spirit Unleashed!

Larry then looks behind a tree. The Rangers then go into a roll call.

Aaron: Spirit of the Eagle! Power Ranger...Red!
Sadie: Spirit of the Shark! Power Ranger...Blue!
Leon: Spirit of the Lion! Power Ranger...Yellow!
Trevor: Spirit of the Elephant! Power Ranger...Green!
Amy: Spirit of the Tiger! Power Ranger...White!
Aaron: Spirits, Unite as One! Power Rangers...
All Five: Battle Beasts!
Bloxor: Alright, then! Let's brawl!
Aaron: Rangers...Stampede! Unleash the Beast!

They then take him on with their Wild Mode. This doesn't effect him as he uses his broadsword and strikes at them, but they continue to dodge. As they battle, Larry continues to look.

Larry: Incredible, but strange. How can he transform if he's human? Is it possible that he possesses the power of an Avatar?

Bloxor continues fighting the Rangers as he puts four of them in a pile and hits them, causing them to fly in the air. Bloxor then strikes at them with a powerful energy wave, causing them to demorph.

Aaron: Guys! Eagle Strike Saber!
Bloxor: And then there was one.

He says as he flies towards him. Aaron tries to fight him, but Bloxor beats him brutally and throws him, causing him to demorph.

Bloxor: Time to wrap this up!

He strikes at Aaron again, causing him to jump off a hill and land onto a rock, brutally hurt as the others worry.

All Four: Aaron!

Larry watches him and flashes back to the talk they had earlier, realizing how Aaron wants to be his friend. Larry then helps him and grabs his Morpher.

Larry: I guess I should repay you.

He places it on Aaron's hand and after a moment of silence, the Morpher begins to shine. He infuses his Avatar power into Aaron's body as the others watch. This ends up healing Aaron's body and he wakes up from his pain.

Aaron: Larry.
Larry: What's Up, Amigo!
Aaron: I feel better, like if I hadn't been hit by Bloxor's attack. What did you do?
Larry: I just infused my own Avatar energy into you.
Aaron: Why?
Larry: Well, we're friends, are we?

This brings a smile to Aaron's face and the others, but Bloxor appears.

Bloxor: Looks like you got lucky! Not for long!

Bloxor attacks Aaron and he morphs. Suddenly, he was able to block his sword.

Bloxor: What?
Aaron (monologue): I feel strong, all of the sudden!
Aaron: Your through, Bloxor!

He pulls away his sword and reveals a new form.

Aaron: Spirit Unleashed!

He then flips his visor, revealing a new helmet, transforming into the Red Gorilla Ranger.

All Four: Whoa!
Aaron: Spirit of the Gorilla! Power Ranger...Red!
Leon: Now he's a Gorilla?!
Larry: Awesome, Dude!

Aaron then fights Bloxor with his new power.

Sadie: Bloxor doesn't stand a chance now!

Aaron then beats his chest like a gorilla and continues to fight him.

Larry: Go, Aaron!

Larry cheers him, but then walks away. The fight is then taken back to the forest as Aaron still has an upper hand against Bloxor.


He says as he blows Bloxor away and then shoves him through some trees.

Trevor: His power is amazing!
Amy: Aaron, finish him off!
Bloxor: So, you now have a new power, big deal! You still can't beat me!

As Bloxor tries to punch him, Aaron blocks it by fisting his arm.


After such attack, Bloxor says his final words.

Bloxor: That was pretty damn good for someone like you!
Aaron: Well, you shouldn't have underestimated us.

As Bloxor explodes, Aaron roars as he beats his chest.

Neuron: Unbelievable! Now the Rangers have defeated another general?
Zarkron: don't need to revive him.
Naria: Master?
Neuron: What?

Zarkron then laughs as we cut to the Rangers regrouping.

Aaron: You guys okay?
Sadie: Yeah.
Trevor: That was incredible power you've displayed out there.
Leon: Wish I had that kind of power.
Aaron: Well, hey, it was all thanks to Larry. Right, Larry?

They then notice his disappearance and begin shouting his name. The scene transitions to night as we see the blocks that Bloxor was made from begin to crawl slowly together, possibly meaning that Bloxor will return.

NEXT TIME ON POWER RANGERS BATTLE BEASTS: After defeating Bloxor with his new Gorilla power, Aaron starts to feel distraught because now that Larry infused his life energy into Aaron, his lifespan has now shortened. Meanwhile, Bloxor is revealed to have an ability where he can regenerate! Will the Rangers be able stop both Bloxor and Gigantojaw and will Aaron be able to get over his sadness?

Well, that's it for now guys. Next time, I'll be going over the Collectible Devices for Ultraman as I have did with Super Sentai and Kamen Rider already. Until next time, later.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Dynamic Revolution Episode 1: Iron Man (2008)

Hey guys. Before I get to Episode 6 of Power Rangers Battle Beasts, I wanna show you guys the first episode of my new show, Dynamic Revolution. My first episode is up now on Vidme in two parts and reedited version is up on YouTube. So links here:

I can't upload the video here due to storage reasons. Anyways, hope you enjoy the review and Good Night!!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Gravure Idol of the Week: Miki Nanri

Hey guys. Hope you had a Happy Halloween and now it is time to start the month of November. What great way to kick it off with another Gravure Idol of the Week. Today's entry is Miki Nanri, best known for her role as Rian from Garo: Yami o Terasu Mano, Gold Storm Sho, and Kami no Kiba.

So, hope you can get enlightened by the looks of this sexy Makai Priest. Enjoy!

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Well, that's it for now, folks. Next time, get ready for Episode 6 of Power Rangers Battle Beasts, Strength of A Gorilla. Until then, later.