Friday, July 13, 2018

Kamen Rider Zi-O Revealed!

Hey guys. You should know the drill by now, whenever scans hit for the next Ultraman, Kamen Rider, or Super Sentai series, I will go over their scans. So recently, the scans for the next preceding Build has just arrived. I introduce to you to the Kamen Rider series of 2018-19, Kamen Rider Zi-O.

Now most fans are calling this series "Kamen Rider Decade 2". It is understandable why because this series will celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Heisei Era of Kamen Rider, which started all the way back in 2000. It is rumored that our hero will travel through time to meet other Kamen Riders that preceded him and gain their powers to stop a oncoming threat, which is yet to be revealed.

Our main hero will use the Jikuu Driver belt, which is activated by the gimmicks for the series, Ride Watches, which resemble stop watches with the Rider's face in the center. By inserting the Zi-O Ride Watch in the left slot. Then, you would press the top button, and turn the belt like an hourglass, and the user, who is unknown, will transform into Kamen Rider Zi-O. Our secondary Rider, Kamen Rider Gates, will use his own Ride Watch and Jikuu Driver to transform.

The RideWatches can be placed onto the RideWatch Holder, but can be compiled into the RideWatch Dizer (continue below).

Our Riders' sidearm will be known as the Jikan Grade, which can, of course, transform from sword to gun.

The Ride Watches also resemble past Kamen Riders, which Zi-O and Gates will collect. By inserting the Ride Watch, which will generate ArmorTime!, which is where the Riders can access forms based off of past Riders! Zi-O will use forms based off of Build and Ex-Aid, while Gates assume forms based off Ghost and Drive.

Here are some more pictures, but one thing that I should point out is that one each Rider's belts, is says a year, which Zi-O's belt says 2018, while Gates belt says 2066. Could that mean that our secondary Rider could be from the future?


Here are some other RideWatches. There's Fourze, Faiz, OOO, Genm, Ex-Aid, Ryuki, Brave, Rogue, Mach, and Meteor.

Our secondary Rider's weapon will be known as the Jikan Zax, which can change from an axe to a crossbow. He will later obtain the Decade RideWatch, which can access Zi-O's Decade form. It can also make a third slot, where you can combine another RideWatch with the Decade RideWatch. In this form, he can also use the Ride HeiSaber, which can harness the powers of past Riders.


Here are some more RideWatches: there's Build, Ghost, Drive, Ex-Aid, Den-O, Kiva, Blade, OOO, Ryuki, Faiz, Fourze, Kabuto, Hibiki, Wizard, Agito, Gaim, Kuuga, and Double. He will also be able to use other RideWatches which are based off of past Rider arsenal: there's the Faiz Phone X, Taka Watchroid, and Suika Arms Watchroid. As mentioned before, the RideWatches can be compiled in the RideWatch Dizer.

Now as you know, every Rider has to have his own motorcycle, and that's where the Ride Striker comes in.

Our main Rider will also possess a giant mech, the Time Majin! It is also said that this will the means to time travel.

So, that is it for today. Kamen Rider Zi-O will makes it premiere on September 2, 2018. Next time, I know I said I was gonna go over Power Rangers team-ups, but duty calls, next time, time for a new episode of Power Rangers Battle Beasts, with Episode 16, The Living Lego. Later

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Sentai Sixth Rangers

Hey guys. We'll since Lupinranger VS Patranger now has their sixth Ranger, I thought it would be about time to go over all of the Sentai Sixth Rangers. And now, I am not counting X1 Mask from Maskman. So, let's begin.


Yamato Tribe Knight Burai aka Dragonranger (Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger)
Best known as the Green Ranger when it comes to the Power Rangers fandom, Burai serves as the first Sixth Ranger in Sentai history. First introduced in Episode 17, a young boy named Ryota wants to use a green key to awaken someone important to him. He is chased by his grandfather, Gnome, who was introduced earlier in the series, and Barza, the Zyurangers' mentor. They try everything to stop the boy, even coming close to almost killing him! He successfully awakens Burai, who makes his debut and transforms into Dragonranger, but he is not the same person Ryota remembers. Burai easily mops the floor with the Zyurangers and would eventually join sides with Bandora. The reason why he is evil is that he is actually revealed to be the brother of Geki, aka Tyrannoranger. The king and queen of the Yamato Tribe took Geki into custody, which would then cause a rebellion led by his birth father to get him back. After Burai's father was slain by the king, hatred stirred inside of Burai, wanting revenge on the King. But now in present times, the king is dead, and now sets his sights on Geki. He would then find the Hellfried Sword, which would increase his power. He would then encounter Clotho, who would give him the Zyusouken, which can summon Dragon Caesar, but after being beaten by Geki, he realizes the error of his ways and joins their side. Dragon Caesar would combine with three of the five Guardian Beasts to form Goryuzin, and later Daizyujin, in general, to form Zyutei Daizyujin. It would then later be revealed that his days are numbered because during his slumber in the Ice Age, he got killed by a cave in. Daizyujin would revive him, but connect him to a candle, which once it burns out, he would die. This would happen by Episode 42. He would die in Geki's arms and give him his Dragon Shield and Zyusouken, and fade away.

Kou of the Howling New Star aka Kibaranger (Gosei Sentai Dairanger)
Kou has the distinctive honor of being the first ever Kid Ranger in Sentai history. Kou is first introduced as a troublemaker who runs into Lin, aka Hououranger. He decides to live with her......and would then fondle her breasts. Don't you just love Sentai? Kou then hears a voice calling out to him, which would lead him to the Byakkoshinken, which was placed in a stone. He pulls it out and would then become the sixth Dairanger, Kibaranger. In this form, he would be voiced by Byakkoshinken to keep his identity a secret. By Episode 30, his identity would be revealed to the other Dairangers when he was kidnapped amongst other kids, but would be rescued. He would have his own mech, the Won Tiger, which can combine with the other Mythical Star Beasts to form Kiba Dai-Oh. It would be revealed that he is the son of Shadam and would have a brother, Akomaru. At the age of four, his mother burned a tiger tattoo to keep the Gorma nature inside of him taking full control. Near the end of the series, he would reunite with his mother, but she would meet her demise alongside Akomaru in a cave-in. The only family he would have left is Lin, who he would treat as his older sister from then on.

Riki aka King Ranger (Choriki Sentai Ohranger)
He would first make his debut in Episode 26, awakening from suspended animation in his pyramid mech, King Pyramider. He would appear and help the Ohrangers, transforming into King Ranger. At his aide is his trusty weapon, the King Stick. I can't say that much about him because he didn't have that much character development. King Pyramider would then combine with Ohranger Robo and Red Puncher to form King Pyramider Battle Formation.

Yuusaku Hayakawa aka MegaSilver (Denji Sentai Megaranger)
He first appeared in Episode 24, knowing the Megarangers' identities, which made him suspicious, but then a monster appears and reveals that it recorded their moveset, knowing how to counter them, but luckily, Yuusaku comes to the rescue, transforming into Mega Silver. Unfortunately, he can only stay transform for 2.5 minutes. Luckily, he was able to fix his design flaw and would be given his new mech, Mega Winger, which can deattach it's Mega Wing and give it to Mega Voyager, making Wing Mega Voyager.

Naoto Takizawa aka TimeFire (Mirai Sentai Timeranger)
He first makes his appearance into Episode 27, as apart of the City Guardians, which was established by Tatsuya, aka TimeRed's father. Naoto was Tatsuya's friend in college and after finding out that the latter is TimeRed in Episode 28, the V-Rex suddenly appears and rampages. After hearing of a way to stop this mech, he finds the Controller box, which can transform into the V-Commander, thus becoming TimeFire. Being a character with a desire for power, this would be shown in his quest to control the V-Rex, which he successfully controls, where it can now transform into V-Rex Robo. Sadly, by episode 49, he would meet his demise when he was trying to get a bird back into it's cage. He was shot in the chest by Zenitt, thus falling off the railing and onto the ground. Tatsuya would then find him, holding his body as Naoto, in his last words, gives Tatsuya the V-Commander, telling him to change the future.

Shirogane (Tsukumaro Ogami) aka GaoSilver (Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger)
During the war with the Orgs 1,000 years ago, Shirogane finds the Dark Wolf Mask, which would give him extra power. He would use it to control three Power Animals, GaoWolf, GaoHammerhead, and GaoLigator, combining them to form GaoHunter. He would use it's power to defeat Hyakkimaru, but would be cursed by the mask's power, transforming into Rouki. He begged the other Gao Warriors to stop him, so they sealed him away for 1,000 years. Centuries later, he would be released by Ura, and, under full control of the mask, Rouki would take his revenge on the Gaorangers. The Gaorangers would eventually defeat him by destroying his mask, freeing Shirogane. Shirogane would be given the G-Brace, using it to transform into GaoSilver. From then on, he would help the Gaorangers with their war against the Orgs.

Asuka Kagura aka Sky Ninja Shurikenger (Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger)
In Episode 21, Shurikenger would appear and help the Hurricangers in their battle against Jin-Giron. He appears with his mech, Tenkuujin. He can also assume Fire Mode, which sees him ditching his gold vest and rotating his visor. He can combine Tenkuujin with Gourai Senpuujin to form Tenrai Senpuujin. Throughout the series, he would take the disguises of numerous people, who would be played by previous Sentai actors, and at the climax, would use the Shuriken Ball to transform. At Scroll 49, he would meet his demise when he would pull a kamikaze attack on Satarakura. In Hurricanger 10 Years After, a kid named Tenkai would assume the mantle as Shurikenger

Mikoto Nakadai aka AbareKiller (Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger)
Dr. Mikoto Nakadai was brilliant surgeon who was bored of his life, but witnessing the Bakuryu attack the city in Episode 1, he would be intrigued by the destruction they caused. He then found the Dino Minder, becoming AbareKiller and would come into the possession of an egg, which would hatch into his mech, TopGaler. Once combining with Stegoslidon, it would form KillerOh. Throughout the entire series, Mikoto would serve as a psychotic antagonist, seeing his attacks as a "game", as well as working with the Evoliens. He would eventually become their leader in the middle of the series and would find out that half of Dezumozorlya was inside of him, which would explain his psychotic personality and the reason why he didn't explode when being connected to the Dino Mider. He became furious that he was someone's pawn and eventually joined the Abarangers, but once Dezumozorlya was removed, his Dino Minder was set to explode. He and TopGaler flew away into space as the Dino Minder takes both of their lives.

Tekkan "Tetsu" Aira aka DekaBreak (Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger)
Tetsu is a super elite from S.P.D.'s Tokkyou division, who arrives to fight the Hell Siblings. He can use the BraceThrottle to become DekaBreak. At first, he had an ego, where he though he was superior, but would eventually join the Dekarangers in their battle against the Alienizers. He can also pilot the DekaBike, which can transform into DekaBike Robo. It can also combine with DekaRobo to form Super Dekaranger Robo. His parents were killed by an Alienizer known as Genio, who he would successfully defeat and avenge his parents.

Heavenly Saint Sungel/Hikaru aka MagiShine (Mahou Sentai Magiranger)
In Stage 19, the Magirangers would find a lamp that holds a cat genie named Smoky. In the following episode, the monster of the week bests the Magiranger, but the frog from the previous episode saves them. Urara, aka MagiBlue, kisses the frog, transforming the frog into his normal form, Sungel, but the Ozu siblings would name him Hikaru. By using the GripPhone, Hikaru can transform into MagiShine. He also has his own mech, the Travelion Express, which is a train that transforms into Travelion. Throughout the series, he would develop a relationship with Urara and at the series' end, would marry her.

Eiji Takaoka aka BoukenSilver (GoGo Sentai Boukenger)
In Task 17, Eiji would appear as an enemy to the Ashu Tribe, only interested in defeating them. His father, Kando, was slain by Gai and Rei, thus stirring his rivalry with them. His mother, Kei, was an Ashu, and when Gai and Rei become Questers, it fuels the Ashu nature in his body, making him dangerous, but when the Boukengers give him the SagaSniper, and the GoGo Changer, which he uses to transform into BoukenSilver. He would later gain his own mechs, the GoGoFire, GoGoAider, and GoGoPolice, which the three can combine to form SirenBuilder. Eiji would defeat Ouga when his soul was brought to the limbo between worlds, and would then defeat the Questers.

Hiroto and Miu Sutou aka Go-On Wings (Engine Sentai Go-Onger)
When a new enemy, Hiramechimedes, fights the Go-Ongers, he bests them with his mech, which can fly, until two new Engines, Toripter and Jetras, make their debut and defeat. In the next episode, it is then revealed that there are pilots inside, the Go-On Wings team. They reveal themselves to be the Suto Siblings, Hiroto and Miu. To transform, they use the Wing Triggers. They would later encounter Engine Jum-bowhale, and by combining all three Engines, they form Seiku-Oh, which can combine with Engine-Oh and GunBir-Oh into Engine G9.

Genta Umemori aka ShinkenGold (Samurai Sentai Shinkenger)
In Act 17, Genta firsts makes his appearance in a mysterious way. But, when the Shinkengers are pinned down by an Ayakashi, Genta makes his debut, using the Sushi Changer and transform into ShinkenGold. It is revealed he is a longtime friend of Takeru, aka ShinkenRed. Unlike the others, who use their Shodo Phones to write kanji, Genta uses his Sushi Changer text kanji. He has his own Origami mechs, the Ika Origami, and the Ebi Orgiami, which the latter can transform into Daikai-Oh. Daikai-Oh can combine with Shinken-Oh to form Daikai Shinken-Oh.

GoseiKnight (Tensou Sentai Goseiger)
1,000 years ago, Gosei Knight was the Groundion Headder, which fought the Yuumajuu alongside that time's Gosei Angels, but got separated in an icy glacier. As years came to pass, the Headder made a pact with the Earth and became Gosei Knight. In the present, he awakens and fights the Yuumajuu to protect the Earth, literally. His mission is to only protect the environment and not humans who live on it, but with the help of the Goseigers, he eventually helps defend mankind. With his Leon Cellular, he can transform between his humanoid or Headder form. In Headder form, he can combine with a dump truck mecha to form Groundion. He can also summon the Knight BrothersSkyon and Sealeon. The three mechs can combine into Gosei Ground, which can combine with Gosei Great to form Ground Gosei Great.

Gai Ikari aka Gokai Silver (Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger)
Gai Ikari is a huge Sentai fanboy. After saving a young boy from being hit by a car, he is rushed to the hospital in a comatose state. While being unconscious, he meets Dragonranger, TimeFire, and AbareKiller, who choose him to carry out the legacy of the sixth Sentai Rangers. He is given the Gokai Cellular, which he can use to transform into Gokai Silver, the 200th Sentai Ranger. He eventually joins the Gokaigers on their hunt for the Greatest Treasure in the Universe and helps them out with his knowledge on past Sentai teams. Gai can also summon the GoZyuDrill from the future, which can also transform into GoZyuRex, and GoZyuJin, which is it's main form. It can switch it's limbs with GokaiOh to form GoZyu Gokai-Oh.

Masato Jin aka Beet Buster and Beet J. Stag aka Stag Buster (Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters)
Masato Jin is an engineer who built his own Buddyroid, dubbed Beet J. Stag. Together, by using the Morphin' Blaster, Masato can become Beet Buster while J can assume the form of Stag Buster. It is then revealed that Masato is actually comatose in Hyper Space, and the one present is an Avatar body, which is linked to J. In the finale, his Avatar fades away after sustaining immense damage. The two have their own insect-themed mechs, BC-04 Beetle and SJ-05 Stag. The former can transform into Go-Buster Beet, and can combine with the stag to form Buster Hercules. The two robots can combine together to form Great Go-Buster.

Utsusemimaru aka Kyoryu Gold (Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger)
400 years ago, Utsusemimaru was a samurai who was entrapped by the armor of Dogold. 400 years later, Dogold's face is shattered, revealing Utchy's face. The Kyoryugers break Utchy free from the armor and is free. Utsusemimaru uses the Gaburi Changer to transform into Kyoryu Gold. His Zyudenryu is Pteragordon, which can transform into Pteraiden-Oh, which can combine with Kyoryuzin to form Raiden Kyoryuzin.

Akira Nijino aka ToQ 6gou (Ressha Sentai ToQger)
Akira Nijino was formerly apart of the Shadow Line, known as Zaram, who had the power to create rain, but when seeing a beautiful rainbow, he took on human form and decided to defect from the Shadow Line, joining the Rainbow Line, but cannot escape from his past, where it rain in a certain area around him. He would be given the AppliChanger and transform into ToQ 6gou. With this power, he can summon the Build Ressha, which can transform into Build Dai-Oh. It can combine with Chou ToQ-Oh to form Cho Cho ToQ Dai-Oh.

Kinji Takigawa aka StarNinger (Shuriken Sentai Ninninger)
Kinji Takigawa is a Yokai Hunter who was born in America, where is father and brother were slain by the Western Yokai Wolf Man, and thus, aimed to become a stronger Yokai Hunter. Before arriving in Japan, he met Yoshitaka and was impressed by his skills, thus making him want to become his pupil, but Yoshitaka refused, unless if he defeated him in battle. Yoshitaka fled to Japan, and Kinji followed him, now that he mastered his own techniques. Yoshitaka then came up with the rule that if he defeated his grandchildren, the Ninningers, he would become his pupil. In Shinobi 17, he sadly missed the deadline, and sailed away in Surfermaru......only for in the following episode, in Shinobi 18, the Ninningers accidentally brought him to Japan during his vacation in Hawaii. He is about to leave again, but they convince Yoshitaka to take him as his pupil......WHICH MEANS THE FIRST BIT OF HIS ARC WAS COMPLETELY POINTLESS!!! He can transform by using the Ninja Starburger, thus assuming the form of StarNinger. His personal mech is Rodeomaru, which rides the Bison Buggy. The two can combine to form Bison King, which can combine with Shurikenjin to form King Shurikenjin.

Misao Mondo aka ZyuohTheWorld (Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger)
Ginis infused the life energies of three Zyuman, a rhino, a wolf, and a crocodile, into a normal human named Misao. He is controlled by Ginis, dubbed TheWorld, and easily defeats the Zyuohgers. He has the ability to switch between animals, he can change into Wolf Mode, Crocodile Mode, or his default Rhino Mode, but can also activate all three with his Great Instinct Awakened form. He breaks free from Ginis' control and becomes the Zyuohgers' ally. By using the ZyuohTheLight weapon, he can transform into ZyuohTheWorld. His mechs are Cube Wolf, Cube Crocodile, and Cube Rhinos, which all can combine to form Tousai Zyuoh. The three Zords can join up with the other six Zyuoh Cubes to form Wild Tousai King.

Tsurugi Ohtori aka HououSoldier (Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger)
This is pretty debatable on who should go here. Shou Ronpou transformed first, into RyuCommander, which most would say he's the sixth Ranger, but I like to disagree, because I think he fits into the DekaMaster category. Tsurugi Ohtori, aka HououSolider, fits into the sixth Ranger category perfectly because he goes through the same development as other sixth Rangers did, he starts out as a loner, thinks he's better than the core Rangers, and would later gain respect for them. Tsurugi is first introduced in Space 21, where he was sleeping dormant in the Argo for 300 years. He awakes and meets the Kyurangers, and witnessing an attack by the Jark Matter, he uses the Houou Blade and Shield to transform into HououSoldier. He easily wipes out the fleet on his own in his debut battle, which is awesome! His mechs are Houou Base, the launchpad, the Houou Voyager, and the Houou Station, where the two combine, forming Gigant Houou. The three components can combine with the Shishi Voyager and all 12 of the Kyutamas in giant form to form Kyutamajin.

Noel Takao aka Lupin X/Patoren X (Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger)
Noel Takao is a phantom thief who is also apart of the GSPO. He arrives in Japan and makes his glorious debut, leaving both the Lupinrangers and Patrangers feel suspicious about him due to which side he is on. He can use the X-Changer to transform into Lupin-X or Patren-X. He can use it to summon his mech, X-Train Gold, and X-Train Silver. He also has two VS Vehicles, X-Train Fire and X-Train Thunder. He can combine all four mechs into X-Emperor, which has two forms, Slasher, when he is Lupin-X, or Gunner, when he is Patren-X. It can combine with GoodStriker and both teams mechs to form Good Cool Kaiser VSX.

That's it for now, folks. Who's your favorite sixth Senshi, reply in the comments below. Next time, I'm gonna go over all the Power Rangers team-ups.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Power Rangers Morphers

What's up? How's your summer going? Today, we'll be going over the various Morphers in Power Rangers history.


Power Morpher (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
This is the first Morpher of all time. It has a really iconic design and it's pretty basic. It's a buckle that uses the Power Coin in the middle as a power source to connect itself to the Morphing Grid. To activate them, they would say the iconic phrase we all know and would say their respective animal, or dinosaur if you prefer, and assume their Ranger forms. After the original Dino Power Coins where destroyed in Season 3, they would later gain new Ninja Power Coins. With their new ninja powers, they would say "[color] Ranger Power!"

Tommy would have his own Power Morpher, which would be painted gold. He would have his Dragon Power Coin inserted to morph into the Green Ranger. When he became the White Ranger, he would possess the White Tiger Power Coin, and then the Ninja Falcon Power Coin.

In the 1995 movie,  their Power Morphers were basically repainted and I think they look a lot better. You can easily tell which one is which other than their respective Power Coins.

The Alien Rangers are a unique team because they don't have Morphers. They just say "It's Morphin' Time!" and would say "[color] Aquitar Ranger Power!" and that's it.

Zeonizers (Power Rangers Zeo)
After their original powers were destroyed, the Rangers became stronger than before and once assembling the Zeo Crystal, they were able to use the Zeonizers to become the Power Rangers Zeo. To morph, they would cross their arms, colliding the two braces together and morph. They would shout "It's Morphin Time!" and during their morph sequence, they would state "Zeo Ranger [Number], [Color]". We never know what happened to them after the end of Zeo and the beginning of the next season.

Golden Power Staff
When the Gold Ranger appeared, Trey of Triforia would use this to morph. He would also use this to transfer his powers to Jason, who would also use this to morph. He would say "It's Morphin Time!" as well and would say "Gold Ranger Power!" during the sequence.

Turbo Morpher (Power Rangers Turbo)
After Zeo, the Rangers would be given their new Turbo Morphers. Their statement would be "Shift into Turbo!" and would insert their keys into their Morphers. The first team would state "[Turbo Zord], Turbo Power!". The second team would just basically say nothing. They would be destroyed after the destruction of the Power Chamber.

Astro Morpher (Power Rangers In Space)
When the Turbo Rangers would encounter Andros, the Red Space Ranger, who would give them their Astro Morphers. To morph, they would shout "Let's Rocket!" and flip open the lid, using the dial pad to press 3-3-5, and press enter to morph. This is also the first Morpher to be used for communication purposes.

Don't let the name confuse you to make you think this is from Digimon. This would the respective Morpher of Zhane, the Silver Ranger. This would go down in Power Rangers history as the first ever cell-phone Morpher. To morph, Zhane would shout "Let's Rocket!" and open up the Digimorpher. He woud press 2-5-8-0 on the dial pad and morph into one of the most powerful Rangers in the universe.

Transmorpher (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy)
Once being chosen by the Quasar Sabers, the Rangers were given the Transmorphers, which they would use to morph. Their statement is "Go Galactic!" and press the midde button and would morph into the Galaxy Rangers.

Magna Defender Morpher
After the Magna Defender sacrificed himself, Mike, Leo aka the Red Ranger's brother, was chosen to be the next Magna Defemder. To morph, he would shout "Magna Power!"and would take out the key from left brace and insert it onto the right brace. Interesting trivia, this is actually a reused version of the Aura Changer from Gosei Sentai Dairanger.

Rescue Morpher (Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue)
This would be the first Power Rangers morpher to be created from Earth technology, as oppose to being created from alien resources. When each Ranger was recruited, their Morphers were presented to them in a briefcase. To morph, they would shout "Lightspeed Rescue!" and press the black trigger, opening up the upper part with the emblem, and thus, their suits would materialize.

Titanium Morpher
This is considered to be the first American-exclusive Morpher, specifically for the first American-exclusive Power Ranger. It was first tested out by Carter, the Red Lightspeed Ranger, but it was too powerful for him to use. Later that night, Ryan Mitchell, Capt. Mitchell's thought-to-be-dead son, would sneak into the Aquabase and steal the Titanium Morpher, becoming the Titanium Ranger. To morph, Ryan would shout "Titanium Power!" and press the black button, raising the "V" and revealing the Lightspeed emblem, morphing into the Titanium Ranger.

Chrono Morpher (Power Rangers Time Force)
Using technology from the future, the Chrono Morphers are DNA-locked and can be used by one specific person. All 5 Morphers need to be unlocked together in order for them to activate. To morph, the Rangers would shout "Time for Time Force!" and press the red button, assuming their Time Force Ranger forms.

Quantum Morpher
Much like the Chrono Morphers, the Quantum Morpher can be locked to a specific person, but voice-locked instead. This would come into the possession of fan-favorite, Eric Myers, who would use this to become the Quantum Ranger. To activate it, he would shout "Quantum Power!". He can also use it to control his Zord, the Quantasaurus Rex.


Growl Phone (Power Rangers Wild Force)
Now this can be considered the first cell-phone Morpher for the core team. Each Morpher would have the head of the respective animal to that respective Ranger. To morph, they would open up their phones and shout "Wild Access!" and press the main button, morphing into the Wild Force Power Rangers.

Lunar Caller
After being freed from Zen-Aku's control, Merrick was given the Lunar Caller, which can double as a wrist and cell phone Morpher. To morph, he would deattach the Morpher from the wrist brace and open up the phone, shouting "Wild Access!" and morph into the Lunar Wolf Ranger.

Wind Morpher (Power Rangers Ninja Storm)
After the abduction of the Wind Ninja Academy, the remaining students, Shane, Tori, and Dustin, are given the Wind Morphers. Each Morpher can be differentiated by their respective Power Discs. To morph, they would say "Ninja Storm, Ranger Form!" and spin the discs on the Morphers.

Thunder Morphers
Used by the Thunder Rangers, these Morphers can resemble beetles, with Hunter's Morpher having a rhinoceros beetle horn, and Blake's Morpher having stag beetle horns. To morph, the brothers would shout "Thunder Storm, Ranger Form!" and press the button at the bottom, opening up the wings to reveal the discs.

Samurai Cyclone Morpher
When the Rangers were in peril, Cameron Watanabe would go back in time and find the Samurai Amulet, which was in the possession of his dearly departed mother. Coming back to the present, the amulet would transform into the Samurai Cyclone Morpher and would use it to morph into the Green Samurai Ranger. To morph, he would shout "Samurai Storm, Ranger Form!", where the disc inside would spin.

Dino Morphers (Power Rangers Dino Thunder)
It's official. These are my favorite Morphers of all time. I like how there more diverse. Entrusted to Connor, Kira, and Ethan, the three can use these Morphers to become the Power Rangers Dino Thunder. To morph, they open up the mouths and would shout "Dino Thunder, Power Up!". They would press the red button and morph, closing the mouths.

Brachio Morpher
The legendary Tommy Oliver makes his return when he becomes the Black Dino Ranger. By using the Brachio Morpher, he can insert the key into the Morpher and twist it, thus assuming his Ranger form.

Drago Morpher
When Trent was corrupted by the White Dino Gem, he would use the Drago Morpher as his means of transformation. To morph, the Morpher would appear with the mouth open. He would then press the red button, morphing into the White Dino Ranger.

S.P.D. Morpher (Power Rangers S.P.D.)
This police badge-esque Morpher was used by the S.P.D. B-Squad Rangers. There is three different modes, Communication Mode, which is used for communication purposes, Judgement Mode, which can render the verdict to see if they are guilty or innocent, and last is Morph Mode. To morph, the Rangers would yell "S.P.D. Emergency!" and press the top button, revealing the badge and the morph sequence begins.

Commander Cruger would have his own Morpher, the Patrol Morpher, which can morph him into the S.P.D. Shadow Ranger.

In Episode 29, Kat would have her own white-colored Morpher, the Kat Morpher, which could only be active for one hour. She was able to use to become the S.P.D. Kat Ranger.

Omega Morpher
In the series, the Omega Ranger was nothing but a ball of light due to form being turned into light energy by time travel. In Ranger form, he can use this as a weapon, specifically for fist attacks. These attack functions can be accessed by twisting the throttle handle.

The Nova Ranger, the Omega Ranger's ally, would have the same kind of Morpher, but colored gold and renamed the Nova Morpher.

Mystic Morpher (Power Rangers Mystic Force)
This has got to be my second favorite Morpher. At first, they started out as wands, but where then transformed into cell phones that can convert into a wand. Genius! To morph, the Rangers would get out their Morphers and press 1-2-3, and press the enter button. They would shout out "Magical Source, Mystic Force!" The Morpher would say "Galwit Mysto Ranger" and morph into the Mystic Rangers. It can also be used to conjure other spells by pressing certain codes on the dial pad.

Udonna's Snow Wand
Before the Rangers were given their powers, Udonna would use her Snow Wand to morph into the White Mystic Ranger, but after a battle with Koragg, her Snow Wand would be taken by the latter. She would get it back near the end of the series.

Solar Cell Morpher
To morph into the Solaris Knight, Daggeron would use this ticket puncher-esque Morpher to do so. He would grab out a ticket and punch it in with his Morpher, assuming the form of the Solaris Knight.

Wolf Warrior Morpher
Once as Koragg, he would give up his magic to Imperious, who would give it to Necrolai and convert into an evil version of the Mystic Morpher, painted purple. When Leanbow was free from being Koragg, he would use the same one, but painted red. By using it, he can morph into the Wolf Warrior, which is a red repaint of Koragg's purple armor.

Overdrive Tracker (Power Rangers Operation Overdrive)
Once recruited by Mr. Andrew Hartford, the Rangers were given these to become Power Rangers. To morph, they would flip open the Morpher and shout "Overdrive Accelerate!" and roll the wheel at the bottom, morphing into the Overdrive Rangers. They can also use it to scan objects to see if they have vital use. They can also use the dial pad to summon Zords or make Megazord combinations.

Mercury Morpher
To morph into the Mercury Ranger, Tyzonn would use this to do so. He would open the lid and press the golden dial. Much like with the other Morphers, he can use this to summon his Zords and make Megazord Combinations. To do so, he would turn the dial.

Solar Morphers (Power Rangers Jungle Fury)
To be honest, the concept for these Morphers are freakin' ridiculous, but they do look cool. To morph, the Rangers would place the sunglasses onto their heads and shout "Jungle Beast, Spirit Unleash!" and morph into the Jungle Fury Rangers.

Wolf Morpher
With the spirit of the wolf, RJ would use this to become the Wolf Ranger. First, he would open up the lid and say the usual morph call. He would ring the gong on the Morpher and assume the form the Wolf Ranger, who has the honor of being the first purple Ranger in PR history.

Rhino Blade
With his friend Dominic in town, RJ creates a wooden bracelet that he gives to the latter, which can transform into the Rhino Morpher, pretty much the biggest Morpher in Power Rangers history. He would press the button on top and say the phrase, morphing into the Rhino Ranger.

Cell Shift Morpher (Power Rangers RPM)
This is the primary Morpher for Rangers Red, Blue and Yellow. First, they would grab out their Morph Cells and insert them into their Morphers and press the gold button. By shouting, "RPM, Get in Gear!", they would morph into Ranger Series Operators Red, Blue, and Yellow.

Rev Morpher
This serves as the primary Morpher for Rangers Green and Black. They would grab out their Morph Cells and insert them into the Morpher. They would say the same phrase and push up the gear shift panel, thus assuming the forms of Ranger Series Operators Green and Black.

Sky Morpher
This serves as the primary Morpher for Rangers Gold and Silver. They would grab out their Morph Cells and insert them into the Morpher. They would say the same phrase as the others and press the red button. This would initiate the morph sequence into Ranger Series Operators Gold and Silver.

Samuraizer (Power Rangers Samurai)
The Samuraizer is another cell-phone Morpher, which has the ability to write kanji symbols. To morph, the team would shout out "Go Go Samurai!" and write their respective kanji to initiate the morph sequence. I'm not gonna lie, this is an example how Samurai pretty much "Americanized" Shinkenger, where the latter had phones that can change into brushes, Samurai just made them phones. Kind of weird to have random cell phones that just write symbols, right?

Samurai Morpher
Unlike the others, Antonio can use this Morpher to text his symbols as oppose to writing them. To morph, he would shout "Gold Power!" and press the main blue button, morphing into the Gold Samurai Ranger.

Lauren's Samuraizer
When Lauren was revealed to be the actual 18th head of the Shiba Family, she would assume the role as leader of the team. She would have her own Samuraizer, which can convert into a brush, stating that it belonged to her father.

Gosei Morpher (Power Rangers Megaforce)
Gosei, Guardian of the Earth (aka the worst mentor in PR history), would give the Rangers the Gosei Morpher. To morph, the Rangers would say "It's Morphin Time!" and open up the mouth of the Morpher. They would then insert the card into Morpher and shout "Go Go Megaforce!" and close it down, morphing into the Megaforce Rangers. They can insert other Cards to summon their weapons, Zords, Megazords, and various attacks.

Robo Morpher
Unlike previous Morphers, this wasn't used to morph Robo Knight. He could insert a card and press a 3-digit code on his dial pad, converting between Zord or Ranger Mode. It can also be used as a cell phone, and can use other cards to summon Zords, Megazords, and various attacks.

Legendary Morpher (Power Rangers Super Megaforce)
When the Armada showed up, Gosei gives the Rangers the Legendary Morphers, which can be used alongside the Ranger Keys. By shouting "Super Mega Mode!", they insert the Ranger Keys into the Morpher and twist it, assuming Super Mega Mode (which I still cannot let go how they ignored the pirate motif!). They can also use Ranger Keys based on past Ranger teams to assume their forms.

Legendary Silver Morpher
Found on Andresia, Orion would use this Morpher alongisde the Super Megaforce Silver Ranger Key, he can transform into the Super Megaforce Silver Ranger. He can also insert past Sixth Ranger Keys to assume their forms.

Dino Charge Morpher (Power Rangers Dino Charge)
Once bonded with an Energem, the Rangers are given the Dino Charge Morphers, which can double as their sidearms. At first, they use their Energems, but would later use the Dino Chargers to morph. First, they would shout "Dino Charger, Ready!" and insert it into their Morphers. They would then spin the barrel while shouting "Energize!" and raise them into the sky, while saying "Unleash the Power!", thus morphing into the Dino Charge Rangers.

Zenowing would have his own repainted Morpher, retitled the Titano Charge Morpher and morph into the Silver Dino Charge Ranger.

Gold Ptera Morpher
This serves as the primary Morpher of Sir Ivan of Zandar. First, he would click his Dino Charger and open up the Pterodactyl's mouth. He would then insert the Dino Charger inside and close it. Next, he would pull back the trigger, which would flap down the wing. Finally, he releases it, morphing into the Gold Dino Charge Ranger.

Ninja Star Morpher (Power Rangers Ninja Steel)
Ninja Steel changed up some things. Unlike Ninninger, which used the swords as the means of transformation, Ninja Steel uses the counterpart of the Karakuri Hengen, which was highly underutilized. To morph, the Rangers would insert their Power Stars, while shouting "Power Stars, Lock In!" Once ready, they would shout "Ninja Spin!" and spin the stars, becoming the Ninja Steel Power Rangers.

Levi, the Gold Ninja Steel Ranger, would have his own repaint of the Morpher, which can also convert into a gun. Fans were disappointed that Levi would never use the Cheeseburger as a Morpher.......until Episode 9 happened, and they did! And it's really pointless to adapt it, because all it just does it take selfies, and the reason why they adapted it was because THEY WERE TOO LAZY TOO EDIT THE FOOTAGE FROM NINNINGER!!!!

Well, that's it for now. Can't wait for them to show the Morpher for Season 26, Power Rangers Beast Morphers. What's your favorite Morpher? Reply in the comments below. Since he just made his debut, next time, I'll be going over the Sentai Sixth Rangers.