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Power Rangers Battle Beasts Season 1, Episode 12: The Fury of Triumph, Part 2

Hey guys. Time for a new episode of Power Rangers: Battle Beasts. This is Season 1, Episode 12: Fury of Triumph, Part 2.


We start the episode off, with a recap of last time.

Sadie: Last time, on Power Rangers Battle Beasts.

The recap shows footage of the Termitron beating the two Megazords, with everyone disengaging them, demorphing and falling into the debris, highly injured. In Aaron's location, rubble was about to fall on him. As he has a look of worry, a mysterious savior swoops in and grabs, dropping him onto the ground, revealing himself to be the Birdman that saved Aaron when he was a child.

When he walks closer to him.

Bird-Man: Don't worry, your safe now.

As Aaron looks at him, weakly, he remembers him.

Aaron: You.

He then passes out. The Bird-Man then looks up at the Termitron, where it powers down after destroying the city with it's lasers.

Sadie: It stopped.
Amy: How come?
Trevor: It must've used too much energy. It's shut down to recharge.

We quickly cut to the Chairman's office, as he is furious, hearing the same news that Trevor just said, but from a guy in a suit.

Chairman: What?! How is this possible?!
Guy in Suit: Mr. Chairman, I said it was powerful, but not flawless. Just give it time to recharge.
Chairman: Fine. I'll wait, but not for long. Once it was fully charged, the Rangers' demise will become a reality.

Back on the Zenix Arrowship....

Bloxor: Well, I be damned. Looks like their robot is out of power. This is the perfect opportunity to strike now.
Neuron: Indeed. Now that their Zords are damaged, we can--
Zarkron: Enough. Let them rest. If the Rangers beat them, we'll take advantage.

He laughes, evily, transitioning into our opening.

After the opening sequence, we see EZ in the rubble, where a piece of it is still crushing his leg.

EZ: Oh, God. Somebody help me!

But suddenly, EZ is possessed by Rager, who comes in pushes the rubble out of the way, sending it flying away. The possessed EZ gets up, walking off.

EZ (Monologue): Thank God your here.
Rager: Well, your lucky that I have your back.
EZ (Monologue): Surprised my injured leg isn't affecting you.
Rager: I've been through worse shit.

We then see the other four Rangers walk through the rubble, as they walk as if they are injured. They spot Aaron's body on the ground and run to it, with Amy and Leon trying to wake him up, with Leon tapping his face

Leon: Yo, Aaron. Wake up!
Amy: Aaron!
Leon: Nap time's over, bro!

Aaron moans, giving the others a sigh of relief.

Trevor: He just got the wind knocked out of him. Let's bring him back home.

Amy and Leon places Aaron's arms on their backs, helping him walk back home, as the Bird-Man watches them on a building. Back at EZ's house, we see our heroes being treated with their injuries, with EZ's leg being cast by Suave, and Sadie using alcohol to treat the scratches on Trevor and Leon. She tries rubbing it on them, but they react to it in pain.

Trevor: OW!
Leon: OW! God, this hurts.
Sadie: Well, it's alcohol. What the hell else did you think it was gonna feel like? Walking on air?

In the corner, we see Amy treating Aaron with a wet towel and places it on his head, but seconds after, Aaron slowly opens his eye lids.

Amy: He's awake!
Leon: You okay, bro?
Aaron: Yeah, I'm good.

He says, softly.

Aaron: What happened?
Trevor: The Termitron. Remember?
Aaron: Yeah. The Bird-Man!

He tries to get up, but his pain restricts him. The others stop him and lay him back him.

Sadie: Chill.
Amy: What do you mean by bird-man?
Aaron: He's the guy I was telling you about. The guy who gave me my cube?
Trevor: Him? You saw him?
Aaron: Yeah. He saved me from falling rubble.
EZ: Wish he saved me. AH!!

EZ then groans in pain as Rager continues to wrap a cast around his leg.

Rager: Hold still, you chicken shit!

The Rangers continue to converse.

Trevor: Did he have a cube with him?
Aaron: I'm not sure. I didn't see.

We then transition into the night time, where we see the Termitron stands still in the middle of the city's destruction. We see Naria teleport down at the location. She then throws a triangle-shaped device onto the robot, which stays on there.

Naria: Master Zarkron, the device has been set.
Zarkron: Good. The next phase of my plan will concur tomorrow.

We cut back to EZ's house at night, as we see Aaron in the bathroom, washing his face with some water. He places his hand on his back because of the pain that still stays. He walks out of the bathroom and look through the door crack of Leon and Trevor's bedroom and then Sadie and Amy's bedroom. EZ walks up behind him with crutches.

EZ: Who are you spying on?
Aaron: No one. They just seem so humble.
EZ: Got some milk in the kitchen. Thirsty?
Aaron: Sure.

They walk into the kitchen, where pours a jug of milk into the cup and gives it to Aaron.

EZ: So, why were you looking into their rooms?
Aaron: I'm just scared for them.
EZ: What do you mean?
Aaron: After what we just witnessed earlier today, we almost got killed. It felt like that attack my parents told me about that took place 19 years ago, the one that the Space Rangers were involved. If they get their lives taken, they won't even have a chance to go home. Ever since I met them, I've connected with these guys.

He says this while a clip of all five of them is being shown.

EZ: Well, look at me. I've known Rager for almost a decade and Suave for six years. Whenever we went into battle, I've cared for them as well.

He says as clips of them fighting Wraiths is being shown.

EZ: At first, they were beings who were capable of granting me wishes, but as I got to know them better, they've felt like brothers to me. And it's not because we look exactly alike!

Aaron laughes.

EZ: The point is, I've trust them enough that we can win. That's what you need to do with your friends. Think about it.

We cut to a shot of EZ's house at night, and it transitions into day in the same frame. Inside we see Aaron sleeping on the couch, as the four Rangers slowly walk from their rooms, completely dressed, they whisper.

Sadie: Let Aaron sleep. We'll go look for the Bird-Man.
Trevor: Let's just pray he has the cube.

They walk out the door and close it quietly. We see the four walk in the woods in different locations, trying to look for the Bird-Man. They then gather with their results.

Trevor: Anything?
Sadie: Nothing.
Leon: I ain't got any luck either.
Sadie: Wait.

Sadie's enhanced hearing then picks up something, hearing something swooping in.

Sadie: Get out of the way!

The four then jump out of the way, with Leon and Sadie on the left, and Trevor and Amy on the right. The being that swooped in very fast lands onto the ground.

Sadie: So your the guy Aaron has been talking about?
Trevor: Not only that, he's an Avatar.
Bird-Man: Yeah. I'm an Avatar. Why are you humans interested?
Leon: Well, you see, that's the thing, bro. We ain't your average humans.

All four of them assume their Avatar forms as well.

Bird-Man: Well, I be damned. Guess I'm not the only Avatar here on Earth. What are you here for?
Amy: We've came looking for one of the six Crystal Cubes. Do you, by any chance, know where it is?
Bird-Man: You mean this?

He then raises the last cube to the others, surprising them.

Amy: Thank God! Is it okay if we can have it?
Bird-Man: Why?
Trevor: We need it along with the other five cubes to revive Animalia. It's......gone.
Bird-Man: Good riddance if you ask me.
Sadie: You son of a bitch! How dare you talk about your home like that?
Bird-Man: After what they did, I've lost respect for every single one of them. If you want this cube, then come on and take it.
Leon: If that's what you want, fine!

Leon charges towards Avian and fights him, with the others following by, but he easily owns them in the fight. Meanwhile, in the Chairman's office....

Chairman: I've been waiting for too long now. Activate it!
Guy in Suit: But Mr. Chairman, it's only at 88%.
Chairman: I don't care! Do it now!
Guy in Suit: Yes, Mr. Chairman.

The Termitron then reactivates and begins to move through the city. We see a news crew at the bridge and the news reporter begins to talk.

Reporter: This is Joan Smithers, reporting. The mysterious giant robot that attacked yesterday, is now active once again. All citizens are to report to the shelter until further notice.

During this news report, we see Aaron wake up from the couch and looks around. He then looks at the TV in shock, seeing the Termitron attacking the city.

Aaron: EZ, where are the others?
EZ: They went looking for the Bird-Man.

While continue looking at the destruction the robot is causing...

Aaron: I'll have to go down there myself.
EZ: Are you sure?

Aaron is silent. He then runs out the door and head towards the Termitron. We see the Termitron continuing the destruction, walking as if he were Godzilla. Many citizens run from it, but we see Aaron run towards it.

Aaron: This is there one chance. I'm not gonna let that go away. It's Morphin Time!

He brings out his Cube Morpher and presses the necessary buttons. He shifts his Morpher onto the red side and morphs into the Red Eagle Ranger.


He goes Wild Mode and flies towards the Termitron. We cut back to the others as they are having a difficult time fighting the Bird-Man. After swooping by them, he lands down and pulls out his own Eagle Strike Saber. He uses it in whip mode and strikes at them. Leon gets closer to him and attack, but he knees him in the gut and pushes him away to the others.

Leon: Alright, if that's how you wanna play it, Fine!

They all grab out there Cube Morphers and begin to morph.

All Four: It's Morphin Time!

They morph into Ranger Mode and fight him. He throws his whip at Leon, but he catches and pulls him around. They continue to attack him, kicking him, looking like as if they got the upper hand, but he still defends himself. Back to Aaron, he flies towards the Termitron, while on fire. He flies around him to distract him from causing anymore damage. The others go Wild Mode as well and use their primary attacks against the Bird-Man.


As he stomps on the ground, the Bird-Man tries flying away from the stomps in the ground, but Amy jumps on his back, swinging him away, which gives Sadie the upper hand to do a Shark Cyclone Spin on him. Amy attacks him again with her Feline Furry Strike, which is then followed by Leon scratching at him with his claws and then kicking him away. He jumps back onto the ground, seemingly weakened.

Bird-Man: So, this is how strong your are as Power Rangers?

The attack seems successful, as it makes jump back to the ground, where the cube he has flies off of him, catching the attention of the Rangers.

Trevor: The Cube!

Meanwhile, Aaron continues to fly at the Termitron, but it uses it's large claw to smack him away, causing him to fly through two buildings. As the cube falls onto the ground, the four Rangers try to run towards it, but their attention is caught by the loud explosions of Termitron's attack.

Amy: The Termitron?
Leon: Wait, could that mean Aaron is fighting it on his own?
Sadie: Then, why didn't he tell us?
Amy: He doesn't even stand a chance.
Trevor: Yeah, but what about the cube?

We see the Rangers looking between the cube and Termitron, as if they were struggling what to decide. As the Bird-Man tries to crawl slowly towards the Cube, Trevor makes the decision.

Trevor: Screw it. We gotta help Aaron.
Leon: But the cube!
Trevor: I know! But how can we feel if Aaron loses his own life?

The Rangers agree and they run off. Back to Aaron, he is beat up and is demorphed, surrounded by rubble.

Aaron: Is that all you got?!

He then morphs again, but into the Red Gorilla Ranger. He uses his Eagle Strike Saber in whip mode and ties it around the Termitron's arm. It moves it's arm, causing Aaron to swing in the air. He tries to punch it with his fist on fire, but it smacks him away in a building, demorphing once again. A guy in a suit appears as he does and summons Wraiths. Aaron gets up.

Aaron: You ain't gonna give me peace, aren't you?

As he is about to fight them, the Wraiths are suddenly blasted in the backs, and revert to jackets.

Guy in Suit: What?

He is then shot as well and sees his friends walk towards him.

Aaron: Guys?
Sadie: What the hell were you thinking? You could have gotten your ass killed.
Aaron: So? The only important thing is that you need is the cube.
Amy: Yeah, but we also care about you. Look, I listened to what you and EZ were talking about last night.

Flashback of that happens, but with Amy looking in on their conversation.

Amy: And what he said, I agree.
Trevor: We maybe in a different world, but we can still survive. You may care for us, but you also need to trust us to win. Understand?

He puts his hand out. Aaron then smiles and joins his hand. The others follow as well in a hand huddle.

Aaron: Your right. Now let's go show that robo-bitch who's boss!

They then grab out their Morphers and morph together.

All Five: It's Morphin Time!

They do the same procedure it takes to morph and then go into roll call.

Aaron: Spirit of the Eagle! Power Ranger...Red!
SadieSpirit of the Shark! Power Ranger...Blue!
LeonSpirit of the Lion! Power Ranger...Yellow!
TrevorSpirit of the Elephant! Power Ranger...Green!
AmySpirit of the Tiger! Power Ranger...White!
Aaron: Spirits, Unite as One! Power Rangers....
All Five: Battle Beasts!

The theme song then plays.

Aaron: Alright, let's take care of business.

The Termitron fires at them, but after the explosion clears up, Aaron uses his Eagle Strike Saber and wraps it around it's leg. He holds it tight as the others use their Beast Blasters and fire at it. Aaron then pulls it's leg, making it fall.

Aaron: Now for Plan B!
All Five: Cube Zords, Go!

The Cube Zords fly from their hands, enlarging themselves. The Termitron gets back up.

Aaron: Alright, time to form the Megazord.

He opens his Morpher up, but the first six buttons shine.

Sadie: What's this?

Six square-shaped hoops appear in the sky.

Amy: Wait, could this mean---?
Aaron: Looks like all of us can combine our Zords.
All Four: Right!
All Five: Zords Combine!

He presses the numbers 1+2+3+4+5+6 and two more hoops appear in the sky. He closes his Morpher and shifts the side to blue, where all six Zords and two Minizords fly through the hoops. They all then combine together to form.....

All Five: Battle Triumph Megazord, Ready!
Leon: Sweet! Now where even bigger!

The Termitron fires it's lasers at it, but it continues to walk, as if it were a god.

Sadie: Wow! It can't even touch us now.
Trevor: Indeed.
Aaron: Now we can win!

Once the new Megazord approaches the Termitron, it punches it as dirt flies around.

Leon: Wow! I love this thing!

The Termitron fires it's lasers again, but the Rangers prepare their final attack, by grabbing out their Morphers.

Sadie: Here it comes again.
Leon: Alright, hope I didn't jinx it.
Trevor: Try if you want, but you still can't beat us!
Amy: The more we trust each other, we can win!
Aaron: And we won't stop fighting until the end!

They all shift their Morphers to the red side and insert them into their controllers, which kickstarts their final attack.

All Five: Battle Beast........Final Blast!

As the Termitron fires it lasers, they collide together. They then spin their controllers again, giving more power to their attack. It reaches to the Termitron, finally defeating it. Then, they all yell out in celebration. The device that was on the robot flies off of it, with Naria catching it.

Naria: Master Zarkron, the data is unharmed.
Zarkron: Good. Bring it back for evaluation.

We then see the Bird-Man on a bridge, looking at the Megazord.

Bird-Man: So, they can use the Cubes to morph?

He then sprouts his wings and flies off. Hours later, we see the Rangers having a conversation at the dinner table.

Aaron: So you guys didn't get the cube back. And he really did say that about Animalia?
Trevor: Animalia is a peaceful place. I have no idea why he would say that.
Sadie: He probably is the Avatar that took the cube years ago. It's his fault that Animalia's dead!

She punches the table in anger.

Aaron: Hey, wait a sec, he could have his reasons.
Leon: To be honest, I can agree, but I'm not gonna give him any sympathy.
Amy: Well, at least on the bright side, we don't have to look the entire world for the cube anymore.

EZ then walks into the house, with his crutches.

EZ: Hey guys, guess what I just tickets to?
Aaron: To what?
EZ: Avengers Infinity War! I got six for all of us.
Amy: What's that?
EZ: It's an upcoming movie that's getting so much hype nowadays. Which is why right now, where getting our butts on that couch and do some MCU binge watching.
Leon: MCU?
Aaron: It stands for "Marvel Cinematic Universe". I'll explain it to you. So....

As he explains it to them, we cut to the Zenix Arrowship, where we see Master Zarkron looking on a viewing screen. He's looking at someone, but we don't see him.

Neuron: Who is that boy on the screen?
Zarkron: Our next plan. *evil laughes*

NEXT TIME ON POWER RANGERS BATTLE BEASTS: Trevor´s new assistant, Eliza (Isabella Moner) catches the eye of Leo, but since she hangs around Trevor more often, he ends up getting the idea that she is in love with him. This makes Leo very mad when they go on an experiment on Stone Axe Mountain. When Leo talks to Trevor about and when the latter insults Leo, they end up fighting each other. Katie breaks up the fight, but little do they now, the mountain is booby trapped by another of Bloxor´s monsters. Will the other Rangers and EZ reach the three in time and will the three be able to escape?.

And that's the end of our episode. What did you think of it? Reply in the comments below. Next time, I will be posting my introduction video to my new show, TokuMania.

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  1. Another good installment. We get a nice indication of how well the team has bonded, an impressive fight scene, some mystery around the Bird Man and his motives, and continuity by referencing "Countdown to Destruction." Looking forward to the next chapter.