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Power Rangers Battle Beasts Season 1, Episode 9: Sweet Dreams

Hey guys. 2018 has finally arrived! So, the best way to start off the year is with a new episode of Power Rangers Battle Beasts! This is Episode 9, Sweet Dreams. Enjoy!


We begin the episode with a scene at EZ's house where we see the Rangers return after searching for the cube.

EZ: Oh hey, back from your search?
Aaron: Yeah. Sadly, no leads.
Leon: Well, I'm worn out. I'm gonna check what's in the fridge.
Amy: Well, it's sounds like a good time for lunch.
EZ: Sounds good.
Sadie: Um, I'll pass. I just need some privacy.
Aaron: OK.

Sadie then walks back to her room that she shares with Amy.

Trevor: Wonder what's up with her.
Leon: Maybe it's her time of the month.

Amy punches Leon in defense of her bestie.

Leon: OW! OK, I take it back!

As Sadie walks into her room, she takes out her diary, which is blue in color and has a picture of her family on it. She begins to cry as tears fall on the picture, and then begins to write in it. Meanwhile, in space, in the Zenix Arrowship...

Zarkron: Neuron. Status report.
Neuron: My new monster is now in fruition. As we speak, Botanicus is now growing the Doomplant, which is important to my plan.
Bloxor: But what if the Rangers intervene?
Neuron: Do not worry. Botanicus will take care of it.

We then cut to underground power plant, where we see Botanicus watering the Doomplant.

Botanicus: Ooh, I can't wait until the Doomplant sprouts and destroys the world and we will have won the war. *laughes*

Under the Doomplant, we see a Mini Cubezord, purple in color, tangled in its roots. This goes into the opening sequence.

After that, we cut back to Sadie as she continues writing in her diary, but in Avatar language. After that, she then hears a roar, like if an animal was in danger. She runs into the living room, to tell the others.

Sadie: Did any you guys hear that?
Amy: No. Hear what?
Sadie: It sounded like an animal crying out for help.
Leon: Well, I certainly don't hear anything. Maybe it's your super hearing.
Aaron: Could be. Maybe we can follow the sound and check it out.

Before they do, the alarm goes off. Trevor then looks at the computer.

Trevor: Looks like we don't have time. Another Zenix the power plant?. What do you think they could be doing there?
Aaron: Something bad. Let's go!

The Rangers rush out of the house and head towards the location, doing a cool instamorph on their way. 

All Five: It's Morphin Time! Spirit Unleash!

They get to the scene as they stop Botanicus.

Aaron: Hey, garden brain! What do you think your doing here?
Botanicus: Oh, Rangers! Glad you've came.
Leon: Well, you won't! Let's stampede!

They then fight Botanicus with their Beast Blasters in Saber Mode. Botanicus defends himself with his watering can-like weapon. They lead the fight into the city.

Botanicus: You pesty Rangers are so annoying! I'm afraid I have to take desperate measures.

Botanicus then fires plant-like parasites from his shoulders, which are called Plantasites.

Botanicus: Plantasite Swarm!!

Plantasites end up leeching onto the faces of Leon, Trevor, and Amy, causing them to demorph. More heads towards Aaron and Sadie, but Aaron rids of them with his Eagle Strike Saber. Botanicus then disappears as the two demorph.

Aaron: Where'd he go?
Sadie: Aaron, look!

They notice the others with the Plantasites on their faces, in the same fashion as the Face Hugger from Alien.

Sadie: What are those things?
Aaron: I don't know.
Sadie: Well, try pulling it off.

Aaron does that, but has no luck.

Aaron: It won't budge! It's like it's glued or something. Let's get them back to EZ!

They carries there bodies back to EZ's house.

EZ: What the hell happened?
Sadie: The monster placed some kind of parasites on them.
Aaron: I think there called "plantasites".
Sadie: EZ, you gotta help them.
EZ: Well have you tried pulling them off?
Aaron: We did. Wouldn't budge.
Rager: Let me try cutting them off.
Sadie: Don't! You could accidentally cut there heads off.
EZ: Well, maybe I could try to work on a solution. Can you pull off a sample or something?

Sadie pulls off a bit of the skin from one of the petals and gives it to EZ.

EZ: Thanks. I'll have HAL analyze it.

As he walks away...

Sadie: It feels like there asleep.
Aaron: I wonder what there dreaming about.

Speaking of which, we closeup onto Leon and enter his dream where he is playing guitar with AC/DC as they perform Thunderstruck. In Trevor's dream, he is at a library reading tons of books.

Trevor: Wow! Interesting. Whoa, a book on how babies are made. OK, so it says...

His dream is interrupted by Amy's as she goes through another shopping spree. In the real world, EZ gets the results.

EZ: Got it. It seems these "plantasites" are parasite-like beings that once latched onto the head of an organism, it causes the latter to go into comatose and forces them to dream.
Aaron: Typical. That monster probably did this to make a diversion. But to what?
Sadie: Anyways, at least it doesn't sound severe or anything. All we just gotta do is find a way to get rid of those things.
EZ: I wasn't actually finished. The problem also has a physical turn to it. Meaning that while there dreaming, the parasite is draining them.
Sadie: So your saying--
EZ: Yes, they don't long.

Sadie makes a look of worry.

EZ: I'll start working on an antidote.

Sadie then whispers

Sadie: Please God.

Back in the dream world, Leon finishes his guitar solo.

Leon: Thank you--

The room suddenly goes dark and everyone is frozen, where the setting is reminiscent of the Upside Down from Stranger Things. 

Leon: Texas?

He walks through the frozen crowd in confusion and touches one of them, where the body crumbles in pieces, horrifying Leon, making him back up and hits someone, making them crumble and the rest of the bodies in the rooms crumbles. He then notices a figure in black in the shadows, which Leon fears over. The figure then grows wings and a blade from its arm, it's eyes glowing and teeth showing, still hidden by the shadows, horrifying Leon as he pants in fear. The giant being then flies towards him, causing Leon to run. In Trevor's dream, he continues to read books...

Trevor: The Short-Nosed Elephant. Interesting.

As he begins to read it...

Trevor: The Short-Nosed Elephant was green. The Short-Nosed Elephant was arrogant. The Short-Nosed Elephant was not accepting of his friends. The Short-Nosed Elephant was more to his motivea then his surroundings. The Short-Nosed Elephant...was awaited by a horror in the hall.

As he looks away from the book, he sees that the library looks as if it were in the Upside Down. He walks into the lobby and sees a black figure. He then shakes in fear as the figures transforms into the same appearance Leon saw. The figure flies towards Trevor, causing him to scream and run. Amy ends up in the same situation as she is being chased by the same monster as well.


She ends up turning left and the monster follows behinds her, but she ends up hiding in the security booth. After a couple of seconds...

Amy: Good. I think he's gone.

The monster breaks through the security booth as she screams. Horrified at his shadowy appearance, she gets out of there. Leon continues to run from the shadowy figure as he runs into Trevor, literally, then Amy trips over the two.

Amy: Leon! Trevor! I'm so glad to see you.

The three hug.

Leon: What are you doing here?
Amy: I was being chased by this thing. I was so shadowy.
Leon: What? Me too!
Trevor: I can say the same.

The monster then appears in front of them.

Trevor: Guys, I don't if this is for real or not, but I what time it is. It's Morphin Time!
All Three: Spirit Unleash!

They morph and charge towards the monster. Back in the real world, Sadie is looking at a picture of her family. Aaron comes and gives her cocoa, surprising her and causing her to drop her picture.

Aaron: Cocoa?
Sadie: Thanks.

Aaron then notices the picture that she dropped.

Aaron: Is this your...?

She snatches it back.

Sadie: Yeah. That's my family.
Aaron: They look peaceful.
Sadie: I know. Today was there anniversary.
Aaron: I'm sorry to hear that.
Sadie: I just don't want it to happen again.
Aaron: Have what happen again?
Sadie: Those three, are the only ones close to me as family. Trevor's like my strict father, Amy is like my BFF mother, and Leon is my annoying little brother *laughs*
Aaron: That I can agree with.
Sadie: How am I certain that I'm not gonna go over a repeat?
Aaron: I thought you were the tough girl.
Sadie: I'm usually tough just so I can hide my feelings. There, secret revealed!
Aaron: Sadie look, I miss my parents too. I think about them every day. But as time grew on, I learned how to take my own path.
Sadie: I just don't how to take mine.

EZ then comes sit at the table.

EZ: Sadie, I miss my own brother, Paul. But remember the time I told about Dark Rider? Paul helped me get back up and I defeated Dark Rider. I felt like he was dead, but also alive.
Sadie: What are you saying?
EZ: I'm saying that the past is what motivates us to get to the future. You and your friends have been given a chance to revive your world. The destruction of Animalia is what motivates to rebuild it and its families.

The computer then beeps and the three head to it.

Aaron: What's it say?
EZ: Well, the Plantasites are very unique, so killing them won't be exactly like killing a normal plant. It says that to extinguish Plantasites, we need to insert electricity of some sort.
Sadie: You wanna electrocute them?!
EZ: No, it's not that! We need enough energy to repel the parasites. And I think I know what.
Rager: EZ, you can't!
EZ: We have to. What other choice do we have?
Aaron: What are you talking about?
EZ: The Gaia Memory. It's here somewhere. Let me go look for it. Keep watch if anything happens.

Back in the dream world, the Rangers take on the shadowy figure, but it bests them in battle, causing them to demorph, where in the real world, their bodies begin to get weaker.

Sadie: EZ! There pulses are lowering!
EZ: I'm hurrying! I'm hurrying! Where is it?!

The shadowy figure jumps in the sky and prepares to slice the three as they scream in fear. Luckily, EZ finds the Energy Gaia Memory.

EZ: Found it! Hope it works!
Gaia Memory: ENERGY!!

He uses the tip of the device on the parasites, causing them to fall off and wake up the three, as they gasp for air. EZ then shoots the parasites and Rager stabs one of them. Everyone yells in celebration and hugs.

Leon: Oh, thank God!
Trevor: Took you long enough.
Aaron: OK, it's a good thing your awake, but now we gotta stop that monster from before.
Amy: What? I almost forgot about him.
Aaron: Once we're done with him, we will. Let's go kick his flowery ass!

The Rangers then run out the door and heads back towards the power plant. They go down the stairs as Botanicus continues growing the plant.

Botanicus: Grow, baby. Grow! And destroy the world!
Sadie: Not so fast!
Botanicus: What?!
Leon: Whoa, what the hell is that thing?!
Botanicus: Like my little creation?
Aaron: No. We're just here to cut it down to size!

They begin to morph.

All Five: It's Morphin Time! Spirit Unleash!

Roll call time!

Aaron: Spirit of the Eagle! Power Ranger...Red!
Sadie: Spirit of the Shark! Power Ranger...Blue!
Leon: Spirit of the Lion! Power Ranger...Yellow!
Trevor: Spirit of the Elephant! Power Ranger...Green!
Amy: Spirit of the Tiger! Power Ranger...White!
Aaron: Spirits, Unite as One! Power Rangers...
All Five: Battle Beasts!
Botanicus: Neat! Wish there was a plant-themed Ranger team! Take this!

Botanicus then sprouts his spores at them, but Aaron prevents that.

Aaron: I don't think so. UNLEASH THE BEAST!!

He uses his wings to blow away the spores and Sadie helps as well by firing some water at Botanicus.


Leon, Amy, and Trevor get their Beast Blasters and fire at the flowers on his shoulders, shattering them.

Aaron: That's for my friends.
Botanicus: Oh, you think your so tough! Well, how do you like my Doomplant!

The Doomplant's tentacles sprout from the bottom and attacks the Rangers, tying them up.

Botanicus: *laughs* How do you like tentacle hentai, Rangers?

As the plant continues to grow, it lifts the Rangers into the air, straining on them.

Botanicus: Now you'll never stop it! Electrocute them!

The Doomplant does that and shocks them.

Sadie: The only thing that can stop me from seeing my family again is death...and that's not going to happen!!
Aaron: Sadie!
Botanicus: Now, time to die Rangers!

The tentacles sprout and heads towards them, but thankfully, the Cube from earlier transforms into the Mole Minizord. It drills from underground.

Aaron: What is that thing?!

The Mole drills through the Doomplant and destroys it, getting a reaction from Botanicus.

Botanicus: NOOOOOO!!!!!!

The Rangers are freed.

Sadie: That mole was the voice I heard earlier.
Aaron: Guess you weren't crazy.
Sadie: Thanks, Mole Zord!

Botanicus then jumps off the balcony he was on and takes on the Rangers himself, but Aaron goes Gorilla and the theme song plays.

Aaron: Now is the time! SPIRIT UNLEASH!

He morphs into the Red Gorilla Ranger.


The others go into Wild Mode. They take on Botanicus and get the upper hand. Sadie and Aaron double team him. Aaron carries Sadie by her legs and swings her around, sending Botanicus flying.

Botanicus: That hurt. *screams*

He then notice the Rangers are about to finish him and they take their positions and finish Botanicus with the Battle Beast Final Smash.

All Five: Battle Beast, Final Smash!
Neuron: Naria, you know what to do.

Naria beams down to Earth and inserts a Zenix Coin in Botanicus' slot, making him grow. The Rangers get their Cube Zords.

Aaron: Time to go Prime Time! Zords, Combine!

The Gorilla, Shark, and Lion Cube Zords to form the Battle Kong Megazord King Mode.

All Three: Battle Kong Megazord, Ready!

The battle begins as Botanicus strikes the Megazord with his weapon, but they counterattack with the Konga Blaster. Botanicus then shields himself by creating a pot around himself, defending himself from the Final Rapid Punch.

Sadie: Damn it!
Aaron: Wait, why don't we use the Mole Zord?
Sadie: Right!

The Mole Zord comes and transforms into the Mole Driller.

Botanicus: What?

Leon: Now for the end game!

In the finishing attack, the Battle Kong Megazord begins to spin.

All Three: Battle Kong, Final Drill Spin!

This luckily breaks the pot and defeats Botanicus.

Amy: Woohoo! They did it!
Trevor: Neat.

As the Megazord does it pose, we cut to EZ's house as they play with the Giraffe and Mole Minizords.

Amy: Awww! Now the Giraffe has a friend.

Aaron then walks up to Sadie and...

Aaron: Hey, Sadie. I made this card for your parents' anniversary. You can give it to them when they come back.
Sadie: Thanks.
Leon: Man, it's so good to be in the real world. That dream was whack.
EZ: What do you mean?
Trevor: When we were in the dream world, we were fighting a winged creature or something. We couldn't see its face, but it was powerful.
Amy: It felt so real, like if it was foreshadowing something.
Leon: Well, hey on the bright side, we're safe. That's all that matters.

The oven then dings.

EZ: The rice is ready.
Leon: Woo, time to eat!

EZ brings the rice to the table and they dine, ending our episode.

NEXT TIME ON POWER RANGERS BATTLE BEASTS: When a new monster from the Alliance turns the guys into stone, it’s up to the girls of the team to stop the new monster.

And that's the end of the episode. What did you think of it? Reply in the comments. Next time, new episode of Dynamic Revolution (Yeah, sorry for the long wait). Until then, Later.

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  1. I like the twist you gave this episode on having them trapped in their dreams rather than imagining the same day repeating. Was also interesting to see what each of them dreamed of, though I would've liked to have seen a bit more of Amy's. Also, thanks again for using the monster name I suggested. Glad you liked it.